My First Few Weeks Back at Croydon College. Absolutely Perfect!!!!!

My first few weeks back at Croydon College have been absolutely perfect. After going back to college on the 8th September, it felt like a welcome of open arms, and I wasn’t at all nervous, but I was actually excited and I couldn’t wait to go back.

This day also marked a milestone of its own, as the 8th September was exactly one year to the day that I started my first ever day at college. A huge amount has changed in that time, everyone has matured, the respect of the students and the lecturers in the college are much better, and everyone gets on really well.

I have noticed in just the short space of one year alone that I have somehow matured, because I tend to get my work done a lot quicker, and not realise that the work I’ve completed isn’t due in for another couple of days prior to the lesson I’m supposed to submit that work for, and I’ve also noticed that I’m not so laid back as I used to be, which just proves that this past year has given me a kick up the backside, and that’s why I’ve managed to keep on top of my work, and be able to write articles for Mother Nature, including writing my third book, which I released on Independence Day in July this year.

For the UAL Level 3 Diploma Film & Photography Course, I am currently experimenting with the Pentax Asahi K1000 Pinhole Camera, which the college has handed out to the likes of students like myself, to take photos of certain subjects, and then to put into action shortly after. I must admit, the darkroom work is difficult, but once you find your way around the darkroom and developing process, you’ll find it a fun thing to do.

I quite like the fact that I am now able to expand my horizons a lot more, as I have found that I can do something quite well for the first time that I couldn’t do before. My only drawback was that when I went into one of the darkrooms, especially when the red light was turned off, I couldn’t see anything, which would particularly make me feel a bit worried as per to my surroundings, but at the same time, the worries of how the film could be developed. Still, I feel happier now that I can get to do something that I’ve been wanting to do for such a long time, and the long wait was absolutely worth it.

I do miss school, and I wish I could turn back time, but at this moment in time, I feel absolutely thankful and glad to be in the best position that I’m in. Of course, the time will fly by so quick before I know it, but at the end of the day, at least I can say that I was able to get myself to where I wanted to be, and know that I kept going higher and higher for the best result, despite worrying at times as to whether I would achieve my dream.

I love college, it’s much better now, and not only that, but I find it more relaxing this time around, as I can go in at a later time, without needing to worry about getting up very early in the morning. Gone are the days where I would need to get up very early in the morning just to get myself ready and to rush around in the morning for any last minute items, or having to rush to get to my bus stop so that my 367 arrive. Now, I can sleep in for an extra couple of hours and not need to worry as much as I used to, so that I have more of a chance of being able to leave for college in more of an alert state.

This past year has really opened my eyes and has also made me realise just how precious the time is nowadays, and it’s really opened my eyes in a certain way that I didn’t think I would imagine. My way of prioritising is much better now than it was a year ago, and I’m able to manage my workload better now than before, as I now like to make sure that I can complete work before it’s due in, and if there comes a stage where I get stuck on a certain part of the work that I am doing, I can ask my course lecturers or any of the staff for some help should I feel unsure or worried about something that I may not feel very particular with or even feel comfortable with.

Everyone at Croydon College is absolutely friendly, as everyone in this college is all hands-on-deck when it comes to completing work, and not only that, but I feel a lot more comfortable with knowing where I stand, and also knowing where my priorities lie. When I first started at Croydon College, I was nervous, but excited, though I wasn’t sure how things would go for me, but after settling in, I felt more comfortable with the course I was on. Now, I feel confident to be able to keep on top of the work I’m given, and know that I can prioritise my time effectively on my work, revision, and also around everything else as well.

My photographical skills have rapidly improved in such a short space of time, and I feel absolutely glad that I am able to do things for myself, which has mainly helped me in the long run, as I have managed to get my priorities in the right place and also my house in order, and this college has given me so much potential in just one year alone.

Overall, I am absolutely glad to have picked and studied at such an aspiring and inspiring college that is full of so much potential. I’m not disappointed at all, and I now know where I want to go in the future, and that is to become a professional photographer, night photographer and videographer.

Alex Smithson


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