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Microsoft Edge | Your no-fuss online browser for doing.

Ten weeks ago next week, Microsoft Corporation released Windows 10 to the world. In the short space of almost two months, Windows 10 was installed on almost 100 million devices across the world.

It’s absolutely amazing how in just the short space of almost 10 weeks, Windows 10 has been changing people’s lives for the better, as it has been helping to make your way of using Windows much better than you think. Before, the possibilities of being able to smile at your webcam to log on to your account are now a thing of the past, as Intel and Microsoft have since joined forces to create an all-new type of technology called Intel RealSense, which is designed for you in mind, meaning only you can smile at the Laptop or PC’s webcam and it will log you in without you needing to type your password in the minute your computer boots up.

The birth of Microsoft Edge blossomed and Internet Explorer was starting to say goodbye after 20 long years of being on our PCs, as Internet Explorer was what revolutionised Windows and Microsoft in the style that they are both in today. Check below to find out why Microsoft Edge is now your no-fuss browser for doing.

In just a short time since Windows 10 was released, Microsoft Edge has been given much more of a wide-birth, which is much better, as this brings new life into the Windows OS, with Internet Explorer being partly the reason for why the Edge browser was made. Without Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge wouldn’t have even been a browser, but it’s because of the fact that the frameworks, the breadcrumbs and the design aspects of Internet Explorer made up for Edge to be a much better browser.

What do I think of Microsoft Edge? I think Microsoft Edge is actually spot-on, because I can access things quicker than I could before, and if I’m looking at or using websites, such as the Metro, WordPress or YouTube, Microsoft Edge remembers the sites I regularly visit by adding that site to the “Top Sites” section underneath the address bar.

In a typical sense, I have noticed quite frequently with this browser that it can get to pages instantly without the hassle, which is a really good sign as this can save me from worrying about the amount of time website pages take to load. Also, I have noticed that by using this browser, I can get around things a hell of a lot more than I used to. It’s actually a lot quicker now to get around things that I initially thought wasn’t possible before.

Give credit where it’s due, Microsoft do try their absolute hardest to try and make a browser like this better, it doesn’t matter if the browser suffers a few teething problems, that happens to any browser, it’s an entirely normal thing, and is nothing new to Microsoft, but you have to give them credit though, they work their socks off to make sure their Windows 10 OS and Microsoft Edge browser is better.

Things are starting to look up now as Microsoft released Microsoft Office 2016 to the whole world on the 22nd September, and if you’re an Office 365 account holder, and you own Office 2013, which is bundled with Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, OneNote and Outlook, then you will be able to upgrade Office 2013 to the all-new Office 2016. This is good if you’re an Office 365 user, and if you want to install Office 2016 now, you have to go to the website listed on the packaging of the Office 365 product card provided. If you already have Office 2013 on your computer in your Office 365 subscription, but can’t find the link if you’ve lost the packaging that includes the product card, then click here to be directed to the Office Setup Page.

(Note: If you already have Office 2013 with the 365 subscription and want to upgrade without needing to put a 25-digit pin in, then go to the link highlighted above, and then click on this link to follow the instructions on how to install it without the hassle.)

Moving back to the subject of Microsoft Edge, indeed, Microsoft Edge is most definitely the no-fuss online browser for doing, as it packs a punch, and is also most certainly the browser that shouldn’t go amiss to the naked eye.

At the end of the day, this browser, although it’s been out with Windows 10 for the upmost part of ten weeks, is still being updated with bug fixes and improvements, and not only that, but the accessibility of the browser is being upgraded also to make things better and a lot easier for everyone to access.

My general overview and final thoughts? I absolutely love Microsoft Edge, I’ve had no problems with using it to get to certain websites that I want to get to, and not only that, but I’ve been able to access websites and watch videos quicker and a lot better than I used to. On all grounds, Microsoft has certainly taken all of the ideas it could gather from it’s predecessor, Internet Explorer, and put them all into one browser that is much faster than the first one.

I love using Microsoft Edge, as it is fully functional, the speed is absolutely amazing, and as I am someone who likes to use the internet a lot, I can also get around certain news websites quicker, such as BBC, Sky & ITV. With the new reader feature that is a part of the browser, this means I will be able to read any articles, whether they are blog or website related, without the pesky ads that often pop up on pretty much every website around with ease.

If you make the jump to Windows 10, I strongly suggest that you use Microsoft Edge, it’s a fantastic browser, and it will benefit you in many more ways than one. Microsoft have decided that it’s now time to open the window for everyone to experience a new way to browse.

Alex Smithson

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