Horrific Bad Bus Travel Experience. Crash! Bang! Wallop! Have you ever suffered a nasty fall on any bus in Croydon, London or anywhere in your life?

As I went off on a bit of a tangent on Thursday, I thought it would be good to let my feelings known in full by recalling the horrific bad bus travel experience I suffered almost a year ago.

As you know, I’ve mentioned on some occasions about the unfortunate accident I suffered when I was on my 367 Bromley North bus, well, since I suffered at the hands of that experience, I still think about it to this day, and even now, I still think about it, because it’s a life experience I will never forget for as long as I shall live.

This is how it all happened. I had my music on like you do when you’re travelling home from somewhere like school or college, and up until that point, I had made sure to put the volume of my music down to a reasonable level where I could hear what was around me, and as you know, when the bus stops at a certain point when someone wants to get off, you immediately get up shortly after they do in order to go and grab one of the handles to keep yourself standing when the bus starts to move.

Well, I did that, and just before the doors of the bus even had a chance to close, the bus driver, without warning, and this is a common problem others have experienced, drove without thinking about those standing, and I fell back, and I gashed my right elbow on one of the hard parts of one of the bus seats and winded my chest as a result, which left me unable to breathe for a couple of seconds.

Now, you might think I didn’t have something to break my fall in this instance, well, luckily, I had a thick red and black winter puffer jacket on, and my durable green rucksack on, which looks like the type of bag a soldier would most probably wear to take items with them, and because I had both of those on, I couldn’t grab any poles or handles to prevent myself from suffering from the pain that I immediately endured when I fell, so when I fell, the rucksack and thick puffer jacket prevented me from coming off far worse than I thought I would.

As a result of the fall, not only had I gashed my right elbow and winded my chest as a result of that horrific fall, but I also had to get off at the second to last stop and walk my way back home because I was in so much pain, though getting off at my last stop would have just made things worse, but I have to give full credit to all of the passengers who were on that bus that night that I suffered that horrific fall, they had all of the common decency in the world to actually help me up when I was hurt, and they even asked me if I was alright, but, to the bus driver, however, that still drove on even when I fell, who had refused to helped me up when he could have had the chance to stop the bus, I hope karma comes back to bite you on the backside big time, that way you’ll see just how much pain you caused me.

But, back to the subject of things, I was absolutely mortified, and horrified to have suffered such a bad fall like that, as this kind of thing has never happened to me before when it comes to travelling on buses, but it upset me to the core, though in all fairness, it’s made me open my eyes and realise more, and it has also made me become more aware of the different and various types of attitudes a bus driver can have.

I was told a few months after the fall I had by someone who was on the Bromley North bus that I was on (not the same bus I suffered the nasty fall on, different one) that a woman who was on that bus or the West Croydon bus had suffered a nasty fall, which resulted in her having a broken leg, but most recently this week, I bumped into one of the passengers who was on the same exact bus that I was on the day I had that nasty fall, and even they defended what I experienced, as the bus driver was entirely at fault and not me.

I wasn’t at fault at all, but at the end of the day, his ignorance could have put me in a far worse position than I was that night. He was an arrogant and ignorant pig who obviously doesn’t want to give a care for those who may be young or elderly.

What did I get out of that fall? A juicy bruise on my right elbow and a winded chest with loss of breath for about 10-15 seconds.

If there is one thing I ask for bus drivers in general to do, is that they give those getting on the bus or getting off the bus they’re on enough time to get themselves seated or stood in a position where they can hold onto something that can prevent them from falling.

That’s all I’m asking for, if it means that the health and safety measures are improved a lot more, then this will help any passenger getting on or off the bus the chance to feel just that little bit safer on their journey, so that they never have to suffer untold pain like that again.

My question to you. Have you ever suffered a nasty fall on any bus in Croydon, London or anywhere in your life? If so, please feel free to sound off in the comments below about the bad experience you’ve had with bus travel.

Alex Smithson


  1. Ouch…a terrible experience. I have never really fallen on a bus, but came close more than a few times. Here in east London, some of the bus drivers think they’re boy racers. You get plenty of civil and decent ones, don’t get me wrong, but honestly I wonder how some drivers managed to get a driving licence, never mind a job driving a big red hulking machine. One day someone could get seriously injured or worse.



    1. Actually, you’re not wrong there at all, they think they’re boy racers and they’re only in it for money, but I have had close calls as well after suffering a fall almost a year ago, but fair play, the decent bus drivers are often the ones I put my trust in, because they give any passenger the right amount of time to get seated, but as for the bus drivers that like to cause people injury, shame on them, they shouldn’t have a driving license let alone a car, because like you said, one day, someone could get seriously injured and come off far worse than first thought.

      Alex Smithson

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  2. Sorry you had such a bad experience. I don’t ride buses, I have a car and had an accident a few months ago that resulted in an injury to my left arm due to the seat-belt. I am just finishing up treatment for it.


    1. Ooooh, that’s got to hurt, how long ago did this happen? Still, at least you’re almost fully recovered, which is a good thing. I wish you a speedy to recovery Tessa :-).

      Alex Smithson


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