Music: How does it show our emotions?

As the title suggests, how does music show our emotions? Well, in many of the songs that you hear by a very huge number of musicians, they create their music in a way where certain songs can capture elements of happiness, sadness, anger, but also capture a kind of feeling where you can relate to that musician in terms of certain life experiences.

As you know already, I am an avid music listener, and I can never go a day without listening to music, because music has become a part of my life including everyone else’s lives in the world.

We all listen to music, as music is what helps to connect all of us together, as well as the different types of music interests and tastes that all of us have.

In terms of how music is made, the evolution of making music has rapidly changed so fast, because before, you would have to use all of the old musical instruments and some specialist recording equipment in order to make the music you make become a reality, now, with the highly advanced technology and equipment you get nowadays, it’s almost like a straightforward process, where you just sing your heart out into the microphone, and the record labels do the rest for you.

What kind of music interests do I have? The music interests I have are Pop, Rock, R&B, Jazz, Soul, Dance, Alternative & Indie Rock.

Now, it may sound like those music genres may be of interest to me, but I’m a very fussy person when it comes to picking the music that I listen to. Why? Because I’m one of those people where I want to be able to listen to a song or album that fits perfectly with my musical tastes. When it comes to songs or albums, it has to be a song or album that not only I will like, but a song or album that everyone else in the world will like.

The reason I absolutely love certain musicians, such as Madonna, Jessie J, Ben Haenow, Olly Murs, Michael Jackson, Nelly Furtado, Cilla Black, U2, Owl City, Paloma Faith, Anastacia, Maroon 5 and many more is because they have all influenced and inspired me to go further in this world, as many of the musicians whose songs and albums I listen to are inspirational, as they want you to be yourself, and not be made into something that you don’t want to be, and that is why I feel proud to be myself, and know that my life has no limits to the dreams I want to achieve.

Music is inspiration to my ears, and it’s also a way of helping me to get through even the most stressful of days, and music is what mainly helps me to channel my own emotions, my own ideas and also my own skills into the things that I want to design and publish. Another reason as to why Mother Nature is a website is not just because of the fact that it’s a photography website, but it’s also because music is what attaches and keeps it together.

My aim for Mother Nature is to make sure that you enjoy every article that I’ve published, whilst having the Spotify playlists on the right hand side of the website, so that it helps me to connect to all of you and to also find out new music and also the connective tastes of music that you all have. I love to become interested in new things, as this helps me to connect to the world, and it also helps me, as I can reach out and connect to all of you in the world.

My three questions to you:

  1. Who are your musical interests?
  2. What genres of music do you like?
  3. Which musicians influence you the most in life?

Alex Smithson


  1. Hola, I must say you are doing great on this blog. Keep blogging in such awesome and expressive way. Btw, I am discontinuing my blog, Girl on the Move, of which you are a follower. I would be really thankful if you follow my new blog, *Step Out*, too. Here’s the link to my new blog,

    Farhein Akmal


  2. I have to say U2 and Tears for Fears inspired me through my younger days…Magnificent, U2 of this generation, is one of their best songs. Love alternative music. The artists usually have profound messages without trying to appeal to massive pop audiences. Nice article.


    1. It’s funny you mentioned those two, because U2 influenced me in my younger days, though I recently added Tears for Fears’ Mad World record to my Spotify Playlist.

      I’m a very fussy music listener, because I like to make sure that whatever music I hear appeals to my musical tastes, and if I like a song or album, I make myself sure to listen to it first, and if it’s good, I am more than happy to go out and buy the record of my choice.

      It’s absolutely true what you said though, many musicians usually have profound messages without trying to appeal to the massive pop audiences. Madonna is a good example, because when she did HeartBreakCity, you can understand exactly what pain she went through after having relationships with Guy Ritchie & Brahim Zaibat, which left her heartbroken, and this song in particular, is a song I can relate to as well, because it’s more of a personal record than it is an energetic record. In fact, her whole album, aside sex, is more bold and realistic, and is an album that can describe your emotions and how you feel about certain things, especially the life experiences we all go through.

      Thanks for the compliment Wit, I really appreciate it 🙂

      Alex Smithson

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      1. I haven’t heart Madonna’s HeartBreakCity but you have my interest peaked. I’ve always adored her from way back when as well. Mad World is one of Tears for Fears best songs, perhaps one of the best songs ever written, but the entire Songs from the Big Chair album is one of the best albums ever. Right up there with Dark Side of the Moon and The Joshua Tree, each song a poetic dream of thought provoking life ideas. Peace. Thanks for your thoughts as well. MJ Rains, the Wit Continuum


      2. You’re very welcome Wit, much of the ones you’ve mentioned, such as U2’s The Joshua Tree, there were a number of songs I did like as a child, and they were Sweetest Thing, Beautiful Day, Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of, Sometimes You Can’t Make it On Your Own, Elevation, & Vertigo.

        That’s the thing I like about so many musicians, they create something that is not only thought-provoking, but also something that connects your emotions to what they’ve created :-).

        Alex Smithson

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  3. 1) I love listening to a bit of everything, but…. (onto number 2)
    2) But I play classical piano, especially from the romantic era. The more miserable sounding, the better.
    3) At the moment the musicians that most influence me are actually Russian classical pianists from the beginning of the 20th century.
    Each to our own crazy things 😉


    1. I know how you feel, we all share different tastes of music, but sometimes those tastes of music often connect well with others.

      Have you heard of Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox? I’ve heard him cover some songs that have been made in the 2000s and 2010s that his band have covered, and they’ve created a kind of 1950s appeal to some of the songs that are around today :-).

      Alex Smithson


  4. My three questions to you:

    1. Who are your musical interests?

    Too many to list.

    2. What genres of music do you like?

    Almost all because it’s always changing and I’m ever searching. Although I’m not wild about raw punk. But I can see its influence on other genres that I do like.

    3. Which musicians influence you the most in life?

    I am a composer. Probably greatest influences are the classical greats. A lot of pop borrows some melody fragments from classical, knowingly or unknowingly. If it’s unknowingly, I guess it’s just a coincidence. Other influences are country/soul/urban/pop/rock/jazz/ambient/edm… I could go on.

    Nice post!


  5. Hello and thanks for stopping by Self-help Health and deciding to give it a follow. I always appreciate when someone takes the time to do that, plus it helps lead me back to what they’re up to, like this interesting, insightful blog of yours.

    Best wishes on your blog, photography, music and anything else that makes your heart sing!


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