Lynda Bellingham | One Year On.

Exactly one year ago today, the world lost a national treasure and an icon. Lynda Bellingham, who was most famously known for being a regular panellist on the TV talk show, Loose Women, from 2007 until 2011, sadly passed away a year ago today from colon cancer.

Life has been very different without Lynda Bellingham being around, I remember this time last year that I heard the news the day after she died, and the news of her death absolutely broke my heart, because I remember I was at college, and I saw the news come up on my iPod that she died and I broke down within the first 15 minutes of watching Loose Women shortly after I got home. The only thing to think about is that although she is no longer with us, she is at peace now, and she is no longer in pain, nor in suffering.

The best things I loved about Lynda Bellingham was that she was someone who could talk about almost everything in a discussion when she was on the Loose Women programme, and there were cases where she would talk about certain things, whether they were good or bad, and you wouldn’t be able to take her seriously because she talks about everything in all honesty, but you have to laugh because she is someone who you know can make anyone laugh.

I remember talking about a funny moment last year where the topic was based on cuckoo numbers going down in 43 years, as the birds’ cuckoos were starting to dwindle, and she mistook a certain word and accidentally said “Bollocks!!!” which left the whole of the audience, Denise Welch & Jackie Brambles in stitches, also leaving Coleen Nolan stunned.

If you want to see a lot of Lynda’s best moments, as well as other funny moments that surround not just Lynda, but also the Loose Legends, well I’ve created a Loose Women Funnies playlist which is usable below that contains a lot of funnies, as well as certain discussions that the Loose Ladies talked about that sometimes got a bit heated, though you’ll find that there are a lot of clips I have found that other users have uploaded, but don’t worry, the playlist is still expanding, as I’m always looking for the funny clips, including the funny clips that Lynda is a part of.

As well as Loose Women, Lynda Bellingham was also in other programmes, such as Faith in the Future, The Bill, Doctor Who and many other programmes, and was also included in film credits, such as Confessions of a Driving Instructor (1976), Sweeney! (1977), Stand Up, Virgin Soldiers (1977) and Riding High (1981) with Eddie Kidd. She had also appeared in the comedy short: “The Waterloo Bridge Handicap (1978)” opposite the actor, Leonard Rossiter.

Although Lynda Bellingham is no longer here, she will always be remembered in our hearts forever, and will always be remembered for the happy and funny memories that she has created. We miss you and love you Lynda, and we thank you for leaving a mark on our hearts, and for making a positive impact on our lives, you will be missed, but you are forever remembered in our hearts Lynda. We miss you so much, and we love you so much Lynda Bellingham xxxxxxxxx.

Alex Smithson

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