ADELE | Hello | Special Music Feature | 25 out on the 20th November!!!!!!!!!

After sending Facebook & Twitter into a frenzy with her 30-second advert of Hello, Adele has, after four years, come back with a bang.

After the advert aired, Adele announced shortly after that this record would be available by the week’s end, and just like clockwork, the record was released, along with a comeback video for the new record, and during the course of the week, Adele announced her comeback album, 25, which hits all retail and digital stores on the 20th November.

In just 48 hours alone, Adele’s official music video for Hello was viewed more than 50,000,000+ times, which is one of the quickest music videos to achieve that many views in just less than a week.

Below is the official comeback music video, Hello, by Adele. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!

What do I think of the record Adele has released? I absolutely love it, and it’s a fantastic comeback for her, because this record gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it. This is a faultless record that took an awfully long time, and I won’t lie to you, but I absolutely know for sure this will be Adele’s year, as she releases her third album next month, and I can also tell you that I believe highly that this album will be on the charts for a very, very long time.

© Official Single Cover - ADELE & XL Recordings 2015
© Official Single Cover – ADELE & XL Recordings 2015
© Official Album Cover - ADELE & XL Recordings 2015
© Official Album Cover – ADELE & XL Recordings 2015

If Adele keeps this up with this record, she could have over 100,000,000+ views before Friday, because if her comeback music video has had almost 60,000,000 views in just a little over 48 hours, then this week will most certainly skyrocket the popularity of this video to over 100,000,000+ views and if not, more than 130,000,000+ views.

Before recording had even begun on this album, which is due out on the 20th November, Amazon took 100,000 requests for this album from many of the fans of Adele’s fanbase, which just proves that although she may have been off the music scene for the best part of three to four years, she is still very well thought of and everyone is still eager to hear any new music she intends to release in the future.

Before I conclude, I will leave you with two questions:

  1. Were you over the moon to hear that Adele was making a comeback to the music industry?
  2. Did the song give you goosebumps?

My final thought is that this is such a fantastic comeback for Adele, and that I wish her all of the best for her for the future, she is going to be around for a very, very long time, and there is absolutely no shadow of a doubt that she will be receiving so many awards for many, many years to come.

Alex Smithson

© ADELE 2015

© XL Recordings 2015

© The Adele Logo, the Hello track name, the 25 Logo, the 25 Album Artwork, the Official Single Cover and the wide-scale full single image have all been used courtesy of the record labels and the artist. No Copyright Infringement Intended.


  1. I’ve never really liked much if hee music, but this song is absolutely gorgeous! It gave me goosebumps like you said. It even broke the Vevo record for most views in a single day! And she didn’t have to use 30 other celebrities to gain views. I hope what will come will be as good and better!


      1. As much as I’m happy that at least the charts will be dominated by real talent, I’m also very worried that she will outshadow Gaga’s new album (she’s my fav), especially at the Grammys, like she did in 2011. I just have a feeling that it’s gonna be one of her greatest… Excuse my little monster ramblings ^^’


      2. Lol haha it’s all good buddy, besides, I’m a Lady Gaga fan so you’re not alone, but hopefully Lady Gaga and Adele’s new albums won’t outshadow each other, they’re both talented, so I know for sure Anthony that they’ll have chart-topping albums that will remain in the charts for a very very long time :-).

        Alex Smithson

        Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re very welcome Corrina, blogging does take time, but all of the hard work is absolutely worth it, it’s actually like a job, but it’s the kind of job you can enjoy that allows you to take your mind off of things :-).

      Thanks so much for the compliments Corrina, I really appreciate it a lot :-).

      Alex Smithson


  2. Oh I can not wait for this one. I so love ADELE … Thank you so much for stopping by my and following my recovery blog. I appreciate the recovery support! 🙂
    Jan 29th 2016 will be 9 years living life in recovery, and it now is Fabulous! I love helping others. I also do book promoting as well, so stop by my “other” WordPress blog sometime and meet many awesome Authors I promote for…

    Nice to meet you 🙂
    Author, Catherine Lyon


    1. You’re very welcome Catherine, I must admit when it comes to recoveries, I actually fractured my arm/wrist almost 10 years ago, and it was absolutely painful, and it will be 10 years in March next year when I fractured it. I feel much, much better now than I did almost 10 years ago, a life experience I certainly never want to revisit in my life.

      It’s nice to meet you too Catherine, and thanks for following Mother Nature, I really appreciate it a lot :-).

      Alex Smithson

      Liked by 1 person

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