Vander | Venus (EP) | Special Music Feature

After working hard behind the scenes on his EP, Vander is back!!! Last year, you might remember me telling you all about Vander, as he released a free download of his single: “Back to the Sun” last year. After I gave his Back to the Sun record its first listen, I knew straightaway that it would instantly grow on me, and it did, and I had a very good feeling that more of his music was to come. This Special Music Feature article has been commissioned by the man himself, Vander, and it gives me the absolute pleasure to talk about his EP in full detail.

Back to the Sun has seen a final re-hash of the same record, and still captures the sound of the demo version that Vander released via Bandcamp last year, with some new lyrics, and I won’t lie to you, the sound of it is really futuristic and bold, as it retains the same sound, but brings more magic with it as well, and I absolutely love it.

Shine has a vibrant summer sound to it, as it captures the shining light of Summer, but in a style where you can feel the natural vibes of summer, but also with a glimmer of hope and joy that brings its own chant with it too.

Take You Home has a kind of homesick, yet interesting feel to it, as Vander has aimed for a feeling that anyone can relate to. When I say homesick, I mean that Vander has created this feeling where it feels like that person is missing that special someone in their life, and that they want to meet up again and rekindle that special connection that they’ve been missing. This song is more of a make-up song, because it’s a song anyone can relate to, as it tugs at the heart-strings, and has a good emotion that you can understand, feel and relate to in many different ways.

Below is the official artwork for Vander’s Venus (EP):

Venus (EP) - Official Artwork
© Vander (William Vandermade) 2015 – Official EP Artwork

Below is the official music video for “Back to the Sun“, taken from Vander’s debut EP, Venus. Enjoy!!!

What do I think of Vander’s Venus EP and the official music video? I absolutely love the EP & video, as they connect together completely, and Vander has created his own sound with full originality, and not only that, but his music appeals really well to any fan who is a fan of the likes of U2, Simple Minds, Duran Duran, Bastille & Imagine Dragons.

My final thoughts? I absolutely love the EP, as it carries a different sound, but the kind of sound that I’m more familiar with now than I was before. I highly recommend you give Vander’s EP a listen, it’s actually that good that you won’t want to stop listening to it. Please click on the official Venus (EP) artwork above the official music video to be directed to Vander’s Bandcamp page, where the EP is available for purchase now worldwide.

My Overall Rating on the Venus (EP): 10/10

My Overall Rating on Vander’s “Back to the Sun” Official Music Video: 10/10

Alex Smithson

© Vander 2015

© The Vander Logo, the Venus EP Logo, the EP artwork, including the Featured Image have all been used courtesy of the artist. Full permission has been granted by Vander. No Copyright Infringement Intended.

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