Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!!! As Halloween is the time of the year where everyone goes out celebrating fright night, I thought it would be good to celebrate Halloween with all of you.

At this time of the year, the glow-sticks come out, all of the Halloween costumes are worn and everyone makes food in the style of Halloween, to possibly put a bump in anyone’s step if you get my drift :D.

As Halloween is also the time of the year where everyone dresses up to go to Halloween parties, and to celebrate a yearly event, it’s often known that Halloween can be a bit of a scary part of the year, but also exciting at the same time, considering that there are often good elements of Halloween that connect well together.

I know Halloween isn’t really my thing, but I like to get involved and have a good time by celebrating Halloween on here with you all, because I don’t like the feeling of not being a part of a ghoulish, yet special event.

I love the thought of all of us getting together on here to celebrate such a special event, as it really helps us all to celebrate what Halloween is really about.

To conclude, I would like to say to you all…


Alex Smithson


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