Life: How Does Life in General Matter to You?

Life in general matters to us, as we should value the lives we are given, and to make sure that we make the most of the time we have in this world. I appreciate life entirely and I am entirely grateful for the fact I was brought into this world, as I’ve learned so much in the space of the time that I’ve been around.

I know that I’ve got a very long way to go in life, but I really appreciate the fact that I’ve been able to value the life that I’ve been given, but at the end of the day, I also live by this:

Make the most of your life, because you only get one life of your own to lead. Make it count. – Alex Smithson

Sometimes, we do take our lives for granted, and we shouldn’t, because where would we all be now if we took our lives for granted and didn’t appreciate the life we were given? We would be nowhere, it’s only because we have appreciated the lives that we’ve been given that helped us to get through certain points in our lives.

Why does life matter to me? Life matters to me because I love, value and appreciate the things I get in life, because I know for a fact that the things I get in life now, I won’t ever get again in the future, and I appreciate everything I’ve been given, and I always respect the fact that I have a life, and that I’m fortunate to be able to live my own life in the best way that I want to live it. Although 17 years may sound like a short amount of time to some, to me, 17 years is a very long time, as I’ve learnt that life is precious, and that we should make the most of it.

Like they always say, make the most of your life while you’ve still got one, because you’ll never ever get to do the best things in life when you’re gone. I always believe that we should make something good out of our lives now while we still can, because by making the most of our own lives, we will all leave a mark on the world knowing that we got everything good out of life.

Make the most of your life and the time you’re given. They’re both precious, so make sure everything counts, but in a positive way, and you’ll find that you will have left your mark on the world knowing that you did something good. Value your own life and appreciate the time you’ve been given preciously, because they’re only given to you once in your life, so make the most out of them. – Alex Smithson

When it comes to life, I always like to see the positive side to life, and never the negative side, because the positive side to life shows an endless amount of possibilities and opportunities, and it’s always a fantastic idea to branch out your horizons to all new heights that you never thought you would imagine, because, like you, this also helps me to connect with everyone, and I love the thought of connecting with everyone, as I always like to show interest in what you all like, so that I can also connect my own interests to yours, as this can help me and all of you to become interested not just in the interests I have, but the interests of others as well.

Before I conclude, I would like to leave you with 3 questions 😊.

  1. How does life in general matter to you?
  2. How do you value your own life?
  3. What life interests do you have (for example, what life goals have you achieved or what life goals are you aiming to achieve)?

Alex Smithson


  1. 1.) It is a precious thing not to be misused, abused, or taken for granted.

    2.) My own life – something I am very thankful for but willing to sacrifice.

    3.) To continually learn until I reach my death bed and throughout my life, I hope to better humanity in the process of healing through medicine, music, and therapy.


    1. It’s true what you’ve said, Life is a precious thing that is not to be misused, abused, or even taken for granted. From what I’ve read on the 2nd one, you are a brave soul if you’re willing to sacrifice yourself to save others, and the third one is really honest and open, and I like it :-).

      Thanks for reading and commenting on this article Devin, I really appreciate your feedback :-).

      Alex Smithson

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