One Year Without Braces. My Two Year and Two Day Life Experience.

So, what has it been like for me since I had my braces off exactly one year ago today? Well, not much has changed, though I must admit, it does feel completely different to the way my teeth felt before I had the braces fitted. I must admit, it’s almost the same for many of us, as there does come a point in time where you face the possibility of having a few teeth out in order for the process to become a lot easier.

I went through the painful experience of having two teeth out, and it was horrible, but, at the same time, it was going through that horrific pain that got me the perfect smile that I wanted.

What did I think were the best advantages about having braces? The best advantages about having braces were that I could change the colour of my braces to any colour I wanted, and I was also able to have the ability to feel comfortable with having them without them irritating my gums, and without them causing me to feel agitated with wearing them too.

What were my main disadvantages about having braces? If the wiring on the left or right hand side of my gums and teeth weren’t cut correctly, they would often dig into my cheeks, which is not the kind of feeling I want, and not only that, but it didn’t matter how careful I was in eating my food, the modules on my braces would often break due to a thinner wire.

The thicker wires were often the best wires that were usable and were also what made my braces last longer without breaking, as long as they were cut down properly to prevent the wiring from digging into my cheeks.

I must admit, to get them fitted on Guy Fawkes Night 2012, it was kind of a good thing, because I got to have them fitted the day a celebratory event was taking place, so that was the good thing about it, though having two teeth out was more of my concern, which were taken out the day after, but still, it was going through all of that pain and all of the countless amount of appointments that got me to achieve the perfect smile.

Having the braces out on the 7th November 2014, exactly two years and two days to the day I had them fitted was the best feeling I could ever ask for, because I felt so grown up in my own body and mind that I felt like I had gone through the adult phase already, even though it was just my teeth that looked different, even though I had my first haircut at a professional hairdressers the day after my braces came off.

My first set of retainers only eroded on most parts because I bit into some Rennie tablets, accidentally forgetting to realise that I had them on, but with my second set of retainers, I’ve had absolutely no problem with them at all, and they work a treat.

My first full year without braces has been absolutely amazing, and I absolutely love the feeling of waking up to a perfect smile every morning, knowing that I came this far to achieve the perfect smile that I always wanted, and I feel so proud of it. It feels like an achievement that I’ve made by myself, and not realised it.

Overall, I can most definitely say that I feel absolutely grateful for how everything’s all turned out.

Before I conclude, I will leave you with 6 questions. Please feel free to decline answering if personal reasons are involved that you don’t want to discuss, I understand 😊:

  1. Have you ever had braces?
  2. What does it feel like to have them?
  3. How have they helped you?
  4. What were your pros/cons of having braces?
  5. How do you feel now that you no longer have braces?
  6. Do you feel proud in the fact that you’ve achieved that perfect smile that you’ve always wanted?

Alex Smithson


    1. You’re not wrong, never having braces is a good thing, as long as it doesn’t bother you too much, I agree with you on that because I don’t have braces anymore and I had them off shortly after I turned 16 :-).

      Alex Smithson


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