Life Goes On with Drowned Out | Special Music Feature | Pre-Release Music Review

With their EP, Life Goes On, being made available for digital release tomorrow, with the physical release of the EP being made available for release on the 23rd January 2016, my close friend Charlie Philbrick from the Drowned Out band treated me to an early listen of him and his band’s EP (Extended Play), and it’s absolutely awesome, and mind-blowing as well. One of the band members in Charlie’s band has certain vocal elements in her voice that remind me of Christina Aguilera.

This EP, standing in at 5 tracks, packs quite the adventurous ride, as this band has made sure to create their own sound, a sound that is entirely original and doesn’t copy any other band in question. The EP also carries full originality, as it has an exploration of different aspects and perspectives that even our own sub-conscious minds cannot see.

To give you a genuine idea as to how I thought the EP sounded, I’ll give you all a full run-down of the tracks in their desired order.

Transitions had that kind of welcoming feel where it reaches out to you, because in the lyrics, the same few words: “…can you hear me?” are mentioned, as it’s like you’re being asked as if it was a real life question you were being asked, though I find it welcoming because this track has that approach where it feels like as if it is a story; in other words, it’s like the person is trying to reach out to someone and that’s why I love this track, because it’s like that special someone wants to connect to someone that is far and wide from them.

Dreamer has more of a visual approach, as it creates a visual image that depicts the song like as if it’s a story, but at the same time, it also has that kind of feeling where it wants you to dream the kind of dream that wants you to push away all of the crap and the pain you’ve had to put up with, in other words, this song is more of a letting-go song, as it advises you to let go of your past and move on into the future.

Leaving shows more of the strenuous and courageous side to anyone’s personality, as it has that kind of feeling where instead of you putting up with it all, why not just leave? In other words, this song is saying to you: “You shouldn’t have to put up with all of this on your own. If you leave now, you’ll become stronger because you’ve decided that you’re not going to put up with it anymore, and instead you’ll just rise above it and let those who want to do that to you do it to themselves instead. Just concentrate on you and you only. That’s what matters.” I like this song mainly for that reason, because it takes off all of the weight on your shoulders, and it’s like it takes that weight as if it was a piece of paper, and you just chuck it in the bin.

Interlude is the introduction of what’s to come after the interlude finishes, as much of the EP shows a transition between hell and heaven, but in a really honest and genuinely kind way, but with the final song that comes up after the interlude, it brings more positivity to the table.

Summer ends the EP on a very, very positive note, as this song brings with it some more magic, which, in its own context, makes the EP sum up exactly what it is all about, and that it proves what it says on the front cover: “Life Goes On“.

Below is the official artwork for the Life Goes On (EP):

Drowned Out - Life Goes On (EP)
© Official EP Artwork | Drowned Out 2015

What do I think of this whole EP overall? I absolutely love it, because it explores so many different emotions that have, very easily, tugged at my heart-strings, but this EP has given me goosebumps, given that it has a directly bold approach that can instantly make you feel comfortable, and not only that, but this EP has put my mind at ease, and has relaxed it also because of the fact it has made me feel comfortable with listening to it, and if you want me to be honest, I absolutely love the EP, and I absolutely believe hand on heart that Charlie and his band, Drowned Out, are going to go very far with their music careers.

My Overall EP Rating: 10/10

Alex Smithson

© Drowned Out 2015

© Full Credit: Charlie Philbrick (Bass), Maizey Palmer (Vocals), Robert Jenkins & Sam Marklew (Guitarists) & Owen De Lacey (Drums).

© The Drowned Out Logo, the ‘Life Goes On’ EP title, the EP artwork, the track names, including the high-res photograph used in the Featured Image above have all been used courtesy of the Drowned Out band. Full permission has been granted by Charlie from the band. No Copyright Infringement Intended.

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