Croydon Photography

On Thursday, I headed down to some parts of Croydon with some of my classmates from my UAL (University of the Arts London) Level 3 Diploma Film & Photography Course, as we were doing some filming for our project which is currently based around Ghost Stories.

Whilst me and the small number of the students in my group were filming, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to snap some photographs down Surrey Street Market, Crown Hill and also around Croydon.

The concept of our film was that one of our students would play the part of someone who is depressed, and also on the edge of it all, like as if they wanted to just end it all and never experience it again, but on a more serious note, the concept was about needing an angel to be there for that person who may have been almost bullied into silence, but was stopped from going to the point of no return. The angel would be the natural healer, by being there to pull the victim out of danger, and also out of harm’s way and also out of the midst of it all so to speak.

But back to the subject of things, just after we finished filming, despite having to re-shoot a scene because of one member of the public waving at the camera (which wasn’t supposed to happen despite us all telling him not to do so until we concluded filming), which resulted in a scene becoming useless for video editing, we did a re-shoot of the same scene again, and after we finished re-filming that scene, I thought it would be a fantastic idea to snap these photographs.

Colour Photographs (Original)

Chosen Edited Photographs (Black & White)

Have we actually finished filming? Yes we have, and I’m absolutely pleased to say that the way the production of this film has gone, it has gone well despite a small faux pas moment from a member of the public, but aside that, me and my group absolutely enjoyed filming for this project, despite the weather conditions.

Please feel free to leave feedback on this article based on what you thought of my photography work that I did in Croydon on Thursday :-).

Alex Smithson

Device used to snap these photographs: iPod touch (5th Generation)

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