How to Scale Your Article Image to the Correct Size for the Motif Theme.

As I like to make sure that every article image gives the articles I publish a good impression, I want to help you all if you’re switching to the Motif theme by giving you a run-down on how you can scale your article image to the correct size that is perfectly suited for the Motif theme.

If you have any forms of photo-editing software on your laptop or PC, in this instance, Paint, Adobe Photoshop, GIMP or COREL Paintshop Pro, then either of these photo-editing programs, among other various photo-editing programs will be perfect for use.

To start off, you will want to have your article image size to be 1583 in width x 976 in height, though this can be scaled up as long as the lock is kept on (this is useful when locked as the image size will still show everything you’ve added to that image, meaning nothing is compromised).

If you have certain images that you want to add to your article image that may be too big or too small, then those few images are easily scalable for use, as long as the resolution of the images are set to a certain resolution, for example, 300 dpi (dots per inch) or higher, depending on the size of the images in question.

In terms of article images, you want to be able to show the full image without parts of the image becoming compromised, and the full image can be achieved if you scale it right, well with the width and height image I’ve used above, this is perfect for the Motif theme.

Below, I have provided two example of a bad and good featured image, to give you a genuine idea as to what the wrong size and right size for an article image are.

Bad Example
Bad Example
Good Example
Good Example

In my eyes, a full featured image makes an article appear more professional than an article image that hasn’t been scaled correctly. This is because, for a full featured image, you would want every single detail to be in the article’s image, because having the full image means that you are getting the full idea of the article across to your fellow bloggers and visitors, with none of the details becoming compromised and ruined.

I believe that if you have a full featured image, it will make your articles on the Motif theme look a lot more professional, and not only that, but a full featured image from my own perspective means more of your traffic is directed to the best articles that have a full featured image, as the full featured image presents the article, as well as presenting exactly what you want to talk about as well.

A bad featured image that isn’t scaled properly, from my perspective, can leave a bad taste in the mouths of many visitors, and can also hinder your chances of you receiving traffic on the articles you want other viewers to see.

Overall, a good featured image sets the basis for your article, including the way you present it. I tend to be a perfectionist, as I always like to make sure that everything is structured to not just my own standards, but also yours and everyone else’s standards, so that you all get a presentable article that you can read with ease.

I hope my guide and tips have helped you with structuring a full featured image :-).

Please feel free to leave feedback on this article based on what you thought of my guide. I hope this helps :-).

Alex Smithson

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