Welcome to 2016 to an all-new Mother Nature!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to 2016 on Mother Nature!!!!!!!!!! Now that 2015 has finally closed its doors, Mother Nature got the much-needed redesign it truly deserves, and the colours of Mother Nature have finally been changed to accommodate for a maturer appearance, given that Mother Nature has now evolved into more of a presentable appearance.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I’ll be doing a lot of housekeeping, as I’ll be taking down some articles and some pictures to free up the website space for Mother Nature. This news comes as I want to get back to my roots fully of doing more photography articles. However, all is not lost though, because any articles I do take down will have their spaces filled with some new articles, as I want Mother Nature to focus more on photography, but also on certain interests, as I don’t want to talk too much about one thing, knowing full well that the whole idea of this website is to be a photography site.

Also, a Revised Edition of my third book: “My Journey Through a Lens” will be released soon, in accordance to the articles I take down, as I’ll be doing some changes to the third book, by taking some bits out that I won’t be keeping in, but will also be filling those spaces in as well, just like what I’ll be doing with the articles that I’ll be taking down. Please don’t worry too much though about the third book, as some much-needed corrections need to be done. The book is okay the way it is, but I feel it would be fair if I actually did some corrections to the book, so that you get more of a chance of reading it a lot better.

In light of the housekeeping I’ve been doing, I have done away with The Mix of 2015 Spotify Playlist, and just like I did last year, I have now added The Mix of 2016 Spotify Playlist to Mother Nature.

Also, with regards to the website’s layout, some tidying is required, which means some things are being removed or re-worked, and with regards to the tabs, I will be making sure to remove and re-add certain tabs so that there is an easier way for you all to get to the desired article you want to view.

This year is going to be about photography, de-cluttering and making things better, as I want to make sure Mother Nature has an independent and more grown-up look.

To end the first article of 2016 on a high note, I bring fantastic news, after doing a lot of editing work with making sure the new look was ready, I’ve made some wallpapers that will work on any device of your choice, whether it would be a tablet device, a smartphone, a computer or a laptop. All of them are available now for free download below.

To kick 2016 off with a bang, I want to say to you all:

Welcome to 2016 on Mother Nature!!!!!!!!!!

Alex Smithson


    1. Thanks so much Tessa, I really appreciate it a lot. I must admit, I was lucky to switch to this design as soon as it just hit midnight on New Year’s Day, as I rushed to get this design up by midnight using the last 15 minutes of 2015 to invert, change and edit the colours of Mother Nature, including the logo, and I was so pleased, as I was able to get the new look for Mother Nature in just in time :-).

      Alex Smithson

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