Topic: Should Violent Video Games Be Banned? (Parental Guidance is Advised.)

With violent video games overruling modern society and my generation nowadays, given that violence is one of the most controversial subjects to talk about, I thought it would be good to create a topic of discussion based on whether you think violent video games should be banned. I’ll be making sure to give my reasons for why I feel they should be banned, and how banning violent video games can help prevent the younger generations of today from being brainwashed into committing violence against those around them. I have kept in mind though that a topic like this is often touchy, so please forgive me if you don’t feel comfortable with reading this article, given that one piece of language has been used.

Life today, as we all know it, isn’t really safe anymore, because some of the most commonly known games, such as Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty, are often just a few of the many games that promote violence to the younger generations, and if you must know, I’ve never played these games, among many others because they promote violence and all kinds of problems in many more ways than one, for instance, I’ve had some people coming up to me and asking me one of the main questions, such as: “Why haven’t you got GTA or CoD?” and I’ve always replied: “Because those type of games are the kind of games that have been known to promote violence, and they are the type of games that will teach you to do rob someone’s car, or even break into someone’s house“, and although I’ve been criticised after answering certain questions like this because I don’t own any of the Grand Theft Auto games, as well as not owning any of the Call of Duty games, it bothers me when it comes to being asked questions like this.

Surely, common sense would tell those who have those few games out of the many that promote violence that I don’t own any of them because they promote violence and brainwash people into committing some of the most callous crimes around. I don’t have to buy those kind of games because anyone may want or expect me to, but I won’t buy them because I’m not going to fall into the trap of buying those games, knowing full what they can do.

The younger generations are often getting into trouble nowadays because, although the Pan European Game Information (PEGI) system was introduced about over 10 years ago, some or most of my generation, including the younger generations have decided to not follow suit and buy the games to play for themselves, when they don’t know what kind of trouble those games can cause them, and the PEGI system was introduced with the sole intention of cracking down on violence.

I personally feel that if games like these were banned, it would give the younger generations of today the chance to mature a lot better, though, this is often a major problem that will just continue to grow unless we do something to stop it.

The more that these violent video games are released, the more likely it will brainwash the person playing them, and I’m sorry, but I personally don’t agree with the idea of violent video games being released for younger generations to play, because some of you might think: “You’re talking a load of shit that’s not even been proved to be true“, but to me, I’m only talking about the generation I’ve grown up with, and about half of my generation is mature, while the other half of my generation are immature and show a lack of respect to those around them.

I’ve never played Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty, so I know I may not be able to pass off my own judgement on both of those games to a certain extent, but in theory, I can pass judgement on those games even if I’ve never played them because of how much of a bad influence that games like this can have on the younger generations of today.

If we all took a look at the way our generation is now, you can safely say without a shadow of a doubt that it’s sad to see our generation being at each other’s throats on a daily basis, when all of us could just get on with one another. If the whole world didn’t play these games for at least a few weeks, the changes in a person’s behaviour would notice straightaway, for example, our generation would be more bright and more alert, and our generation’s mindset would be a whole lot better if games were not played for a few weeks, as no games can help to bring out the maturity in our generation, as well as our generation’s way of communicating with others.

To conclude, I personally believe that violent video games should be banned to combat the chances of better behaviour in our generation, and for many future generations to come, but I also believe that by banning violent video games, this will make our generation and many of the other younger generations a lot more mature, because our generation and other generations will have a better mindset and better outlook of the world.

Does violence bother you? Do you think that violent video games should be banned? If violent video games are banned, do you think this will give all generations a better mindset and better outlook on the world?

Please feel free to sound off in the comments. Your feedback is much appreciated.

Alex Smithson


  1. Violent video games should be banned but it’s much too late
    to try and enforce a ban anywhere; besides, it would drive
    the business underground and probably make the games
    even more popular than they already are.


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