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Vanity: Do You Believe That it Affects How We Look & Appear Over the Years?

Now this is something that is close to my heart and it often bothers me, as vanity is something that I’ve noticed in the real world. For instance, I’ve heard about all these celebrities who have either had work done or had something enhanced to boost their self-esteem, and the same has happened to some of those who aren’t famous at all, and it really bothers me how vanity can cause someone to change something about themselves when they don’t need to.

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with someone changing something about themselves to enhance the way they choose to appear, but what I believe in is that you shouldn’t have to change or enhance something about yourself because you feel that you don’t feel secure in your body, I always believe that if you can be the strongest you can be, and if you have the willpower to not care what anyone thinks of you, then I believe that you shouldn’t have to change what you feel affects you.

In my early childhood years, I used to be bullied at school because of my weight and how I looked, and I admit, I did feel insecure at first because I used to be called fat, but after being in secondary school for a while, I had eventually let it go over my head, because I knew for a fact that those who were thinking about me in a bad way were in fact the ones that were insecure themselves, and I thought to myself that I shouldn’t let my imperfections and their insecurities get me down.

In an Instagram post I put up sometime last year, which I most recently took down after the start of 2016, I made up this quote, which reads:

“Reimagine your life with a much better view, and don’t let anyone else imagine it for you.

Don’t care about what others think of you, concentrate on yourself in mind and body and no-one else. You’ll quickly realise that you’ll feel much better and more secure in yourself, as you won’t feel insecure.

Remember, if anyone thinks of you in a bad way, they’re the ones that are insecure, so don’t let insecurities drag you down.

Get Yourself Up. Dust Yourself Down. Be Confident in Yourself. Concentrate on You. Be Yourself.” – Alex Smithson

I won’t lie to you, I’ve had my fair share of insecurities in my time, given that I used to feel insecure about my body because of the fact I looked different to everyone else, but I’m a lot stronger now, and I’ve realised now that I’m at my happiest because I haven’t changed anything about the way I look, as vanity is not worth thinking about.

The one thing I can say to those of you who may feel insecure is this:

“Don’t change anything about yourself because you might choose to or because other people might say something to you to make you feel insecure. Love yourself and the way you look. You’re precious, and all that matters is that you don’t change yourself because you feel you want to or because others may perceive you in a different light, but don’t change yourself and love yourself. Love every single thing about yourself, and just be yourself. What you look like doesn’t matter, it’s the ability of waking up every morning and being able to be yourself is what matters.” – Alex Smithson

To conclude, I will leave you with 6 questions:

  1. Do you feel that vanity is something that should never be thought of?
  2. Have you ever felt insecure before?
  3. Do you know someone who may be insecure?
  4. What would you want to do to help them feel comfortable with the way they look?
  5. Do you feel stronger now than you did before?
  6. If there was one thing you could tell your younger-self or your future-self, what would you say?

Alex Smithson

I have a strong passion for photography. I love to write and publish articles, reviews and photography work as I aim to pursue a full-time photography career in the future. I raise awareness for Mental Health as it’s close to my heart and I want to make sure the photography work I produce gives hope to anyone who may feel like they don’t have a voice and that it’s always okay to be your actual self and that you’re always free to express yourself for who you truly are.

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