The Croydon Museum | Tuesday 12th January 2016

As I’m currently in my second year at college, whilst being on the first year of the two-year film and photography course, I took a trip up to the Museum of Croydon with my class, and while we were there, there was an awful lot of research at hand based on a large number of photographers, as well as certain collector’s items, such as an old-fashioned retro 1950s car.

They also had a design model of the Anderson Shelter, which was often a call for protection during the Second World War, but from the objects that were installed into the wall just opposite the Anderson Shelter design model, they’re there so when you touch any of them, they play audio recordings of certain items or things that either occurred or may have been used during the course of World War II.

I must admit, when I went to The Croydon Museum, I was really surprised by the large amount of information and pieces that they had in store, because I was able to do research on them, whilst taking photos of them, I mean, of course, the old-school Commodore computer is in The Croydon Museum, and was once a computer that was often used back in the 80s and 90s, before Commodore went defunct in 1994. They have, as of last year, been revived, and they’ve released their first ever smartphone, called the Commodore Pet.

If any of you ever get the chance to, I recommend that you visit The Croydon Museum to see what they have on display, as they have got quite the large amount of information available in store if you want to check it out.

Alex Smithson

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