The Natural History Museum | Tuesday 26th January 2016

On the same day that I went up to London with my class for a trip to the Science Museum, we also went to the Natural History Museum to study further for our stop-frame animation project. While we were there, I also took a large number of photos, considering that I took a trip up to the Science Museum. It was also the first time in nearly 15 years since I last visited the Natural History Museum.

At the forefront of the museum was Dippy the Dinosaur (Diplodocus Carnegii), and not only that, but the enormous scale model of the blue whale was in full view, but there is a lot more information there now than there was before, and I won’t deny it, but it’s a very interesting museum that has a soft spot for photography.

When I went, I did find that the second floor of the museum was closed, as they are currently doing some improvements to the dinosaur gallery, and between now and the Summer of 2017, the Hintze Hall will be reimagined, as they will be laying bare the relationship between humans, and also the natural world. During the course of the re-display, they have said that some areas of the hall will be closed to the public, with some “specimens” being temporarily taken off of public view.

There is so much information at hand and it’s absolutely amazing and also absolutely interesting and fascinating to find out more about certain things that I didn’t know about before. I really enjoyed going there to view what was available and I’m absolutely pleased that I’ve been able to do more this time around than I did the last time I went.

On the way back after coming from both the Science Museum & the Natural History Museum, I took some photos of the tube and also in and around Victoria Station. A few of them are blurred deliberately, as I want these photos to be a blurred vision that will remind me of my trip up to both the Science Museum & the Natural History Museum.

To conclude, I will leave you with 5 questions:

  1. Have you ever been to the Natural History Museum?
  2. Was it your first time going up to the Natural Museum?
  3. What parts of the Natural History Museum did you enjoy the most?
  4. Do you plan on going to the Natural History Museum in the future?
  5. Most of all, do you love the Natural History Museum?

Alex Smithson

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