Welcome to February!!!!!

Welcome to February on Mother Nature everyone!!!!! As this month is set to be possibly a complete washout because of the odd weather we’ve been getting, given that we’ve also been getting large gusts of wind and the odd spot of rain, I will be making sure to do a lot more articles this month.

I must admit, despite a sad start to 2016 because of the fact we lost the likes of David Bowie, Alan Rickman & Sir Terry Wogan, Sir Terry Wogan of whom sadly passed away at the age of 77 yesterday after a short battle with cancer, I did find that I published more frequently last month, which did, however, kick 2016 off on a good, but sad note, but still, I will be making sure to keep to my promise of publishing those tribute articles as soon as I can.

What will be happening over the course of this month? Oh yes, as I love photography, I have managed to dig out some of the forgotten photos from yesteryear, which I will be uploading sometime during the course of this month, and also, I’ll be doing a lost files article, which will contain some photos from when I was on my previous course last year, as well as some photos that don’t relate to my previous course at all.

As I can expect this month to be quite busy, given that I have my studies to think about, I will do my best to publish more articles, as I want to stay as productive as possible this time, last year, although albeit I was productive, I wasn’t as productive as I wanted to be, but this time around, I want to make sure I can keep myself as busy as possible.

Other than that, I do feel that last month was quite a busy one, but a busy month I enjoyed quite a lot, but still, I will make sure to keep my promise and be more productive and to keep publishing on a frequent basis.

Until then, I just wanted to say:


Alex Smithson

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