The Forgotten Photos of Yesteryear.

Last year when I was on the UAL Level 2 Diploma Art & Design Course, I took some photos in and around Croydon, but around certain parts of Croydon that I hadn’t photographed before. I must admit, on the 7th May 2015, I went down to Reeves Corner with a student from my class, though I asked the fellow student from my class if they could come with me because I was worried about going down to Croydon on my own, considering that the Nikon D3300 DSLR I use to take my photos with is quite expensive, and that I was worried about it being stolen, given that what happened down that area with the Reeves Furniture Store being burned down during the riots in 2011 had worried me.

I must admit, when I took these photos, I was genuinely surprised with how well they turned out, as I was initially using these photos for my course, though I think I did change my mind on using them at some point as I think we had to focus on something else that wasn’t related to what we were asked to do at first, but instead, I thought it would be good to make use of those photos by publishing them on here. Please do keep in mind that one was edited intentionally considering that there was a student in one of the photos who was from my old class last year, and I wanted to crop them out as I want them to be kept anonymous, in case they don’t want their face to be shown.

I can admit, when I went around Croydon with one of the students from my class, I did, when I went around Reeves Corner, feel really uncomfortable, as it was completely dead, and you could literally hear a pin drop, because after what happened around that area back in August 2011, when 75% of the Reeves Furniture Store was burned to the ground, I actually didn’t want to stay around that area a minute longer, because it didn’t feel safe, but not just that, I didn’t want to be around that area after taking that photo because of how much of a dangerous atmosphere that that particular area now carries as a result of the riots that took place 5 years ago.

After I got away from that area of Croydon, I decided to shoot the rest of these few photos around Surrey Street Market, outside Croydon College and around other areas of Croydon.

These photos were originally going to be published last year, but because I had a lot going on with my studies, especially with the lack of time I had on my hands over the course of 2015, I wanted to leave them until now to publish.

If you liked these photos I took, please feel free to submit feedback on them. Your feedback is much appreciated.

Alex Smithson

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