Security in the Digital World: Are We Really Safe?

Security is the major key factor that plays its part in the digital world, but at the same time, we are left with the question that we sometimes ask ourselves or other people, and that is: “Are We Really Safe?“.

Our security in the digital world matters to us the most, as we expect for our credit card details, debit card details, including phone numbers, pin numbers and our email addresses to be kept safe, including our Laptops/PCs, and smartphone devices. This, however, can be compromised on all if our information is put into the wrong hands, and when that happens, we will almost instantly suffer at the hands of those who intend to steal our personal information.

Hackers are just a prime example of why some major organisations and users end up losing all their data, because they have been known for holding users and organisation’s ransom for a demand of money in order for those users and organisations to be able to use something again. In the digital world, there have been teething problems with security in certain core areas, for instance, ransomware, adware and malware are just the few that compromise our security on what we use on our computer, what we save on our computer, but most of all, the personal information and other things we store on our computer.

Most recently, I was the victim of a malware and virus attack after some viruses and malware got past my security software, which resulted in me having restore problems, until I was advised to create storage media on one of my USB’s using the Media Creation Tool (provided by Microsoft) which actually helped, as I was able to completely wipe my laptop of any viruses, malware and even any other kind of general virus attacks.

You can all be rest assured that none of the files I had on my laptop were infected, as I backed them up beforehand, and I scanned them all after successfully restoring the laptop with the Media Creation Tool, and all my files were safe, so I was extremely lucky that none of my files were infected.

At the end of the day, we need more security not just in the real world, but also in the digital world too, and our lives are only going to get better if our security is kept tight, but most of all, kept well and truly under wraps.

The more that viruses, malware, trojans and even adware are squashed, the better life becomes for all of us, because we don’t want to be kept in the dark with a computer that has become unusable as a result of either of these. The more we are protected with security, the better our lives will become.

If you strongly believe in full security, no matter what the situation or outcome, then please feedback your opinions and thoughts. All feedback of your opinions and thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Alex Smithson

One comment

  1. Good to hear you cleared up your problem. A few years back I had to wipe clean a hard drive. I think in my case a small internet or digital footprint is the best way to avoid unwanted “attention”, but you got to watch out for those bad emails! They are the worst thing.


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