What’s the One True Thing that Scares You?

As the article suggests, what’s the one true thing that scares you?

The one true thing that I can tell you that really scares me the most is death, as I hate the thought of dying, given that after death, nothing carries on, and not just that, but after death, everything just stops forever. I know for some people, they can say: “You shouldn’t be afraid of dying. You should never feel afraid of death.“, but for me, I don’t think like that at all, I am always the kind of person who will worry and be scared of death, because it upsets me, knowing for a fact that I don’t want to die.

This is the one true thing that bothers me, because yes we die, yes we only have one life to make the most of, and yes, you’ll never get the chance to live your life again even after death, but I am one of those people where I would rather enjoy my life whilst I have one and make my life something to remember for everyone else when I’m gone, but I also want to be one of those people where once I die, I die with dignity, knowing that I enjoyed my life and made the most of it, but most of all, knowing that I was able to live my life to the full in the best way possible.

Obviously, death is absolutely scary, and is something I will often get upset about, but I just hate the thought of dying because of course, we are, from the moment that we are born, that we are born to die, and I just don’t like the thought of dying. A large number of people might not think that way, but some of the people who think that way are the kinds of people I can relate to, because you want to be able to live your life, not die for it.

This is often a scary subject that I keep in my mind, but I just wanted to lay the paving stones down here by telling you all how I really feel. To be honest, I’m actually frightened of death, and I think I always will be. I’m wondering if all of you can relate to how I feel, because I know for a fact it’s the worst thing to prepare for.

Is there one true thing that scares you? If so, please feel free to feedback your thoughts on the one true thing that scares you. Your feedback is much appreciated.

Alex Smithson


  1. Losing my woman to another woman. To find out that she desires the voice, the touch and the company of another woman would be devastating. To prefer to share her inter-most secrets with another woman would also be more puzzling. I think it’s the same for when a woman loses her man to another man. Especially if she has had children with that man. To know he desires to be with another man instead of being with her has to be a difficult matter to digest. To know he takes the long way home to her but is quick to find short cuts to be with another guy is revealing to say the least.


  2. I’m with you. Death is the only thing that truly scares me. I’ve grown very attached to being alive, so until someone proves there is life after death, I have no plans to go anywhere ever.


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