Remembering Denise Robertson: The Nation’s Most Loved Agony Aunt (1932 – 2016)

The world woke up again this morning to some sad news, as the nation’s most loved Agony Aunt, Denise Robertson, sadly passed away yesterday from pancreatic cancer at the age of 83.

I must admit, I didn’t hear of the news until this afternoon, and after being told that Denise Robertson had died, I was shocked, and as you can also imagine, I was very upset, but to hear of the news just 24 hours after Ronnie Corbett died was something I couldn’t take in straightaway. The news of both Denise Robertson and Ronnie Corbett are still impossible to take in, because we didn’t expect for two famous faces to pass away so soon. It just doesn’t feel real how both of them passed away yesterday, but with the news being reported just 24 hours after Ronnie Corbett died.

Denise Robertson was best known for being the nation’s most loved Agony Aunt on ITV’s daytime show, This Morning, which is hosted by Phillip Schofield & Holly Willoughby, and also hosted by Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford, and it was reported that Ruth Langsford broke down in tears after learning of the news, and from a clip earlier this morning, it was clear she was struggling to hold back the tears, considering that the news had a massive impact on her and also everyone who had heard of the news as well this morning.

Denise Robertson has left behind a remarkable legacy of her own, as she was on This Morning for almost 30 years, and it’s hard to think it was 28 years ago this year that she started on This Morning. Along the way, she created funny moments during her time on ITV’s This Morning, and the two memories I remember of her was when Phil & Holly were discussing paint jobs and blue jobs, which, as you can imagine made Holly Willoughby laugh as Phillip Schofield thought Holly said something else, which was a bit innuendo-based.

There was also another funny moment where Phil wore a Pink shirt with one grey stripe on it, and Holly found the shirt he was wearing funny as it was like someone ran him over, and she got what appeared to be silver electrical tape, like the kind of tape you would use if something came apart, like an Apple iDevice cable for instance, and she stuck two pieces of tape on Phil’s shirt, to make his shirt look more convincing as if he had actually been run over, and Denise Robertson made a funny comment to Phil & Holly saying: “Well Holly, that showed a certain knowledge of tape, that’s for sure.

Below is the funny clip of Phil looking like he’s been run over after Holly taped him up, with Denise’s funny comment soon to follow :D.

Below is a YouTube Playlist that I made a long while back, which is regularly updated over time, and it contains a huge number of funniest moments that have occurred on ITV’s This Morning show that other users have uploaded to YouTube, with some clips also featuring Denise Robertson.

To end this tribute article, I just wanted to say that I will never forget you Denise Robertson. You are the reason why so many people have smiles on their faces, even mine, and thanks to you, you have made a massively positive impact on every society. Thank you for everything Denise. You will be missed dearly, but you will never be forgotten. Thank you for all the happy memories Denise Robertson xxxxxxxxxx.

Alex Smithson

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