Welcome to April!

Welcome to April! As this month is set to get a little warmer now that the wintry spells have finally passed, it’s great to say that the weather is finally getting better. Despite the odd occasional showers of rain that we’ve had in the last few days, it’s fair to say that the calm has finally arrived after the storm.

As last month was full of energy considering that I had managed to get a large amount of articles in, I want to be able to continue with that energy by publishing a lot more articles over the course of this month. As last month ended on a positive, but sad note, given that the comedy legend, Ronnie Corbett, passed away yesterday at the age of 85, I had made sure to pay tribute to him after learning the news of his passing yesterday morning by publishing a tribute article that would look back on the best moments of his life when he used to star alongside his companion, also his best friend, Ronnie Barker, who passed away 11 years ago in 2005 shortly after The Two Ronnies Sketchbook show ended.

In light of the news earlier today that ITV’s This Morning Agony Aunt, Denise Robertson, passed away yesterday at the age of 83, I will be publishing very soon a tribute article where I will pay my full respects and tributes to her in light of the sad news earlier today.

Also, I wanted to let you all know that it may be difficult over the next few weeks to get more articles in, as I will be starting my Final Major Project when I’m back at college, which will be starting from the moment I go back to college. I will try, however, to get a large amount of articles in as best as I can, but please forgive me if I have trouble in doing so over the next few weeks.

There will be some cases where I will have to put my studies before anything else article-related, as this year, however energetic it has been, has also been a lot busier than the last, and I will be making sure that I can balance the time effectively between both my studies and writing articles for Mother Nature.

The tribute articles I haven’t been able to publish yet are still being worked on, and will take a lot of time, so please be patient for me as I am trying to work extra hard to get them worked on and finished. I will make sure they are published at some point, so please don’t worry too much, as I will be making sure they are done and dusted by the time they eventually get published.

Until then, Welcome to April on Mother Nature!

Alex Smithson

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