Should Protective Headgear Be Worn at All Times in Boxing?

Last week, the whole world focused its eyes on the boxer, Nick Blackwell, after he collapsed shortly after a boxing match between him and Chris Eubank Snr’s son, Chris Eubank Jr. The match concluded with Chris Eubank Jr. being declared the winner of the match, but notable signs of swelling appeared quite quickly near Nick Blackwell’s left eye shortly after.

Messages from Chris Eubank Jr and everyone else were sent out shortly after the match was brought to an end, in which wished the boxer a speedy recovery with hopes of survival.

It was confirmed yesterday that Nick Blackwell came out of his induced coma after a week, as doctors felt that they didn’t need to operate on him, but instead to inject sedatives into him to reduce the swelling.

Despite all of what happened over last week before, during and after the match, I can say from my own point of view that no-one, not even the boxers are at fault, they were only doing what was required of them to do, and it just resulted in accidental injury that I see as not being intentional.

But with protective headgear, should it always be a requirement for both sexes? Yes, it should, and I’ll tell you why.

Advantages of Protective Headgear in Boxing

  • Prevents serious injury from occurring on either boxer
  • Protective headgear acts as a shock-absorbent, which will take the full force of the impacted punch, saving the opponent from any further damage
  • Protects the opponent (s) from being seriously injured, saving them from life-threatening and life-changing injuries
  • The protective headgear can act as a shield, which will automatically act even after the first punch is thrown
  • Only suffers minimal damage but not life-threatening to the boxers in question that have taken part.

Disadvantages of Protective Headgear in Boxing

  • The cost of protective headgear
  • Protective headgear will eventually need replacing
  • Organisations may not be able to afford protective headgear for any boxers taking part.

Again, as I said, the boxers are not at fault and neither is anyone else in that matter, it’s just that if boxers of all sexes were required to wear protective headgear all the time, then nothing like this would have happened. I understand that female boxers are allowed to wear protective headgear, but I also believe that the same requirement that applies to all female boxers should also be required for male boxers at all times.

If you strongly believe that protective headgear should always be a requirement in the world of boxing, then please feel free to submit feedback. All feedback is much appreciated.

Alex Smithson

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