The Two-Week Holiday: How Was Yours?

I’ve had two very productive weeks, which I’ve absolutely loved, as I’ve been publishing more articles than what I would usually publish in one month alone, and I even achieved something as a result of publishing so many articles, I managed to publish more than 18 articles in just one week alone, and not just that, but I’ve been finding that I’ve been far more productive considering I’ve had absolutely no work to do, and with tons of free time available.

I’ve loved the fact that these two weeks have dragged on because with the speed of time slowing down over the course of the past two weeks, it’s helped me to keep being more productive, with the ability of publishing 2-3 articles, if not up to 4, and I feel pleased to have had so much energy to produce that many in one week. I didn’t think I would be able to produce that many articles in one week.

Over the course of the two weeks that I’ve been producing these articles, I’ve been coming up with new ideas, and not only that, but I felt that doing the article about whether protective headgear should be worn at all times in boxing was the article that I felt was close to my heart, as I wanted to express my feelings for why protective headgear should be worn in boxing as well as the benefits of how it can help both sexes reduce their chances of injury.

It feels so good that I’ve kept as productive as possible, as I’ve been able to dedicate more of my own free time to writing and publishing more articles for Mother Nature, as well as being able to publish these articles at certain times during each day.

I feel more relaxed than ever now and I feel so relieved I’ve kept as active as possible with publishing articles on Mother Nature, as I’ve made sure all of you are kept up-to-date as much as possible.

How was your two-week holiday? I would love to know how your two-week holiday went. Please feel free to submit feedback. All feedback is much appreciated.

Alex Smithson

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