Weekly Log 1 (Tuesday 5th January 2016 – Thursday 7th January 2016) – Stop-Frame Animation Project

To kickstart this set of Weekly Logs for the Stop-Frame Animation Project, I will display below the first Weekly Log that I did back in January for the first week back at college after the Christmas Holidays ended, and shortly after the New Year began.

Research / Context

For the first week of the stop-frame animation project, I looked at a number of adverts and a few films that were stop-frame animation based, such as Andrew Thomas Huang & Joseph Mann’s Cravendale Biscuit Boy advert, the Vauxhall C’MON Chase puppet TV advert (created by Framestore, and advertised by Vauxhall), the character, Fantastic Mr Fox (a clay-mation film which was based on Roald Dahl’s novel, later turned into a 20th Century Fox clay-mation film, created by Joe Roth and Revolution Studios) and the House at the Stone Bell (Portal of Prague) piece by Jan Švankmajer. I was also inspired by the IKEA Robot Advert (Come Home to Play), as this would help me to produce my own character at a later stage in the course of the first week back.

I feel that by looking at these artists, and the ways that they’ve produced these works, these will relate to my own experiments of doing my own stop-frame animation film.

To develop my own understanding of the stop-frame animation process, I made sure to use the research I gathered and came up with a sketch of my own character, by using some of the old objects I collected from home to make my own design ideas.

I’ve found that these objects have helped me to produce my own character, as this can help me with putting my own character together for my stop-frame animation film.

Practical Tasks Done

How did I do it? I did it by using the stop-frame animation process that I saw from some of the adverts I researched, including the few films that I researched, and I put together my own ideas for a character, by using some of the objects I collected from home to put them into something that would connect to the stop-frame animation project.

What was difficult about it was I initially didn’t know where to start when it came to producing my own character, but after gathering some objects together from home, I was able to draw my own character, and I also made sure to label the character piece by piece, like as if I was doing a blueprint for an architectural building, so that I know exactly which bit goes with which.

What worked well for me was after I gathered the objects together, without needing to do any further research online, I was able to come up with a character in my mind that I could create by myself, using the research I had already gathered earlier on in the course of the first week back.

I could improve my character by doing some further research on some stop-frame animation adverts, and even do some background research based on some stop-frame animation TV shows, for example, Morph, Shaun the Sheep, and even Wallace & Gromit. At least then, I’ll be able to make improvements and adjustments to my character as I go along with making the stop-frame animation film.

Critical Analysis

For my critical analysis, I wanted to make sure to position the objects I gathered from home together for my own creative ideas, as I wanted to make sure I could create my own character ideas out of the objects I used. This would give me the ideas I would need to create my own character, as well as the ideas I would need to produce my original idea, based on the research I’ve already gathered.

I feel that my research/contextual studies can be applied to help me develop my own experiments, as I’ll be able to use the research I’ve gathered, as well as the ideas I’ve come up with to create either one character, or if not, maybe more than just one character. I also feel that my research/contextual studies can help me develop my experiments better once I’ve come up with some more ideas that I can use for my own stop-frame animation film.

This brings the first Weekly Log for the Stop-Frame Animation Project to a close. Please make sure to check back soon for the second Weekly Log from the Stop-Frame Animation Project.

Alex Smithson

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