Weekly Log 3 (Tuesday 24th November 2015 – Thursday 26th November 2015) – Ghost Stories

Bringing an end to the Weekly Logs in the Ghost Stories Project, here is the third and final Weekly Log that I produced for the Ghost Stories Project before getting all my work ready over the course of December 2015 to hand in before the Christmas Holidays.

Research / Context

For my research, I looked at the 3 films, which were 2012, The Day After Tomorrow and Skyfall. These three films are what would help me to develop my film experiments in a way where they would connect to the work I would be doing with my group.

To develop my own understanding of the processes or image meaning in particular contexts, I watched the three films mentioned above, as these films would give me an accurate idea as to how I could use my own ideas, and then mix them together with the large variety of ideas that my group also had. These three films helped me to develop my own understanding of these processes, which would, in turn, help me to produce a large amount of footage with my group.

The name of the director who directed The Day After Tomorrow and 2012: Roland Emmerich

The name of the director who directed Skyfall: Sam Mendes

Practical Tasks Done

How did I do it? I did it by shooting some experimental footage with my group, and once we finished filming, the process we used was called a film montage, where we would put together the recorded clips that were made over the course of two or three weeks, and make sure that they piece together to create a montage where an angel would appear over the character that was depressed and on the verge of killing themselves, and to help that person get away from that point by helping them to become stronger rather than weaker.

What was difficult? What I thought was difficult was that because the weather conditions were the main worry, considering that there was rain forecast, I was genuinely worried as to whether it would affect us from being able to film our footage, but luckily, we had just the right amount of weather to shoot our footage for our own film.

What worked well? What I thought worked well was that because of how good the footage was, our footage had a lot of good visual and sensual imagery, given that one of the students was the main director of our film, and he was also playing the part of someone who was depressed (Mason). This meant that because he was both the director and main casting actor in our film, this was good for our footage as he was able to reimagine himself from someone else’s view as if they were having a panic attack or a mental breakdown, considering that he made the concept of our own footage a lot more convincing, and also open in many different aspects.

How could I improve it? I could improve it by making sure that the footage that me and my group recorded is pieced together, but with certain clips ranging from 10-15 seconds, up to 20 seconds at the most, so that my own short film stands at exactly 4 minutes.

Critical Analysis

In terms of composition, that’s regarding the framing, the positioning of objects, the line, the tone, the cut and the pace etc., I did make sure that the footage that we recorded had a lot more emphasis added to it, as me and my group wanted to make sure that our footage was of the right standards to fit our own project description, as our project is based around Ghost Stories. I felt that composition was used very well when it came to producing the footage, as everything in terms of our concept was in the right place, and with all of the footage, this was absolutely perfect, as all the footage is now ready to be put together in Adobe Premiere.

In terms of my research/contextual studies, I feel that I can apply them to help me develop my own experiments, based on the Ghost Stories project, and I feel that I can apply them to develop my own experiments, as I’ll be able to use my knowledge from the research that I’ve gathered and apply them to the concept that me and my group have gone with.

This Ghost Stories Project Log set has officially come to an end. Check back soon for the first Weekly Log from the Stop-Frame Animation Project that I started in January.

Alex Smithson

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