The Girl With Silver Hair

As I was recently requested by one of my friends about drawing them, I thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and do so. I must admit, I loved the final result as it was how I wanted it to be.

I can be entirely honest with this drawing though, I have done this drawing entirely from memory and not from a single photo reference.

It was initially meant to take at least three to four days to complete, but it took me roughly two weeks to do as I had dedicated more time to writing and publishing articles, as well as doing coursework for college.

The Girl With Silver Hair
The Girl With Silver Hair

I wanted to make sure that I could get the natural hair tones just right, so that there would be shadowing of the silver hair, as well as creating hints of shadow across the whole drawing in general.

Overall, I am absolutely pleased with how the final result of this drawing turned out and a close friend of mine who I sent this drawing to first thought this was so cool, and then after I sent it to my close friend first, I then shared it around and sent it to a friend of mine who requested I draw her, and even she absolutely loved how it turned out. She even said that she can’t wait to hang it up considering I sent it to her after sending it to my close friend first.

To be honest, I felt really pleased with the feedback I was given by my close friend, my friend who requested I draw her and everyone else, as I felt like I had made everyone smile, and it shocked me. Although it was really well done, I was given a bit of critique, which wasn’t bad, but was just a bit of critique that I’ve since taken on board to improve for next time, but overall, I loved how it turned out, and I’ll be making sure to continue making drawings, as well as making improvements here and there to make any future drawings better.

If you liked the end result of this drawing, please feel free to submit feedback. All feedback is much appreciated, and if you also enjoyed reading this article based on this drawing I did for my friend, then please feel free to share this article around.

Alex Smithson

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