My Views on Society: How Has My Generation Changed How We Live? (Parental Guidance is Advised)

In the past few weeks, my own outlook on my generation has changed completely. After hearing the news of crimes being committed on the streets, I have found that it’s my generation who are the root cause for the lack of communication and lack of maturity that we all see today.

I will lay the groundwork completely and I’m not ashamed to say this, but I feel absolutely embarrassed and completely ashamed to be part of a generation where some people think it’s okay to take others for granted and thinking it’s okay to put themselves before others without giving a second thought of certain consequences that lie ahead if that person or the amount of people involved have done something absolutely amoral to the point where it leaves a negative impact on not just the life of one person, but also the lives of others.

To be honest, whether my generation see what I’ve written here as being offensive and degrading is my generation’s choice, but at the end of the day, I’m just saying what everyone is thinking about my generation, and the older generations are right about my generation. My generation is the most immature and also the least communicative as my generation nowadays have their eyes pasted to whatever technology is available to them and not just that, but the art of communication is rapidly going out of the window.

I’ve noticed that I tend to get on better with people when I don’t use technology, as I prefer to talk face-to-face and not through the digital world. Yes, you have every right to think I’m being hypocritical as I use technology on a regular basis, not just for blogging but to also keep in contact with my friends, but I don’t use technology to the point where it overtakes my whole life.

When I was on my 367 bus home from college one Wednesday afternoon, I saw a large number of secondary school students come from the nearest high school not far from where I live and a lot of the students did nothing but barge into others on my bus, and not just that, but the language I heard come from these student’s mouths were absolutely disgusting and quite simply horrific. I’m not going to disclose what the name of the school is as I’d prefer for it to remain anonymous, but at the end of the day, I just feel ashamed that my generation cannot respect each other, especially the people who brought them into this world.

You could imagine I was furious, but because of how they were all acting, I lost my temper and I actually said to all of them in an angry tone: “If none of you can be civil with one another, then the simplest thing is don’t get on this fucking bus.” As a result of me saying that, none of the secondary school students did anything to me at all, nor did they even say anything to my face as a result of how angry I was, but I can tell you, however, that the bus driver shut the doors of the 367 Bromley North bus I was on, and a few of the secondary school students actually apologised to me and that apology, although it was aimed at me, was also, in turn, aimed at everyone else, and it just proves there are some decent people out there who have the courage to apologise.

It just goes to prove though that my generation have to be the most immature in terms of communication and respect and I’m embarrassed at the fact that my generation are the most immature. Half of my generation are mature and keep on the straight and narrow of things, while the other half of my generation are immature and are going out causing problems for all those around them. It’s like this world doesn’t feel as safe as it used to be anymore.

All I can say is that our generation can only become mature if the rest of my generation that are the most immature stop acting the way that they do, and that they grow up and get a life. For me and for many of us who have worked hard, we’ve got our lives ahead of us now and we’re making sure to keeping pushing ourselves to succeed, but as for those who aren’t mature, who aren’t respectful and are absolutely immature, get a life and grow up and show respect to one another!

I’ve laid it all down now and it’s about time I talked about something that’s been close to my heart and also something that’s bothered me about my generation. I know for a fact I might be hated for writing this, but I will not and shall not hide how I really feel about it all.

If you agree that my generation are the most immature in terms of how they show respect, as well as how they communicate, including how mature they are and how they act towards one another, please feel free to submit feedback. All feedback is much appreciated.

Alex Smithson


  1. Well you got an apology, which is good. If I’d done that at my High School during my era (1996-2001) I’d have got my head smashed in. I was from a rough area.

    I appreciate your frustrations with people around you at school (kids can be hell), but I don’t think much has changed in terms of youth culture and behaviour, regardless of decade – I read an essay by a Monk 500 years ago lamenting how the youth of his era were corrupted and would bring about the collapse of polite society.

    I look around and I see immaturity everywhere, whether it’s through a lack of self-awareness or an inability to respect the environment (I bring this up due to the nature of your blog), so it’s not particularly endemic with younger generations. I think it’s merely human nature, rather than society on a steady slide into the abyss.

    Anyway, not everyone’s like that of course. Great blog, I like it. Keep being groovy!


  2. Alex. I think that you are voicing the concerns that many of us older people have. Unfortunately, it is not just your generation but the one before yours, your parents who are mostly to blame for raising you into what your generation is fast becoming. It is so sad that Americans are turning out this way. As leaders in this modern world, we should be setting examples but in this “gotta have it all age”and parents that don’t know how to say “No” as a Nation, we are slowly slipping backwards. I hate to think what is in the future but as I won’t be around to see it, I suppose, should not worry about it. Hard to ignore it though. Hats off to you for having the guts to write your blog. Oh Yeah, thanks for stopping by.


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