Remembering David Gest (1953 – 2016)

A couple of weeks ago it was reported and confirmed that David Gest, who had recently made an appearance in the Celebrity Big Brother house, had passed away at the age of 62 at a London hotel on the 12th April 2016, just before 10:20 AM.

I must admit, I too was seriously gutted and shocked to have heard of the news, because it was nearly two weeks before that we lost Ronnie Corbett and Denise Robertson, but to hear of the news on the 12th April of David Gest’s passing, that really did shock me.

To be honest, it did feel extremely unreal learning of the news of his passing, but what was even more shocking was that Ronnie Corbett & Denise Robertson had died at the end of March and this month, we’ve lost David Gest, Barry Howard of the BBC sitcom Hi-De-Hi and Prince Rogers Nelson, famously known for his collection of music, including the iconic love symbol.

It’s awfully scary and upsetting for the fact we’ve lost so many famous icons since the start of 2016 and I cannot deny that it’s actually frightening that we’ve lost so many famous icons in just a short time. When I was on Twitter most recently, someone actually said that we might as well write off 2016 considering the amount of famous people we’ve already lost this year and to be honest, in certain aspects they are right, but I would rather not think that now considering we’ve still got the rest of the year to think about, also because in a certain aspect, to say that we might as well write off 2016 is a little bit morbid. I don’t mean no disrespect, but we can’t write off 2016, but it’s time to move on and to keep being strong for those who are no longer with us, but to make sure that we can continue the good work they did.

David Gest’s funeral took place today, and a number of famous faces made an appearance at his funeral, such as Nicola Stapleton, who played Mandy Salter in EastEnders, Dean Gaffney, who played Robbie Jackson, also in EastEnders, including Danniella Westbrook, Kristina Rihanoff, Denise Welch, Vanessa Feltz, Christopher Maloney, Kerry Katona, Kym Marsh and Cleo Rocos.

His death indeed did shock me and every single one of us, but even though he is gone, he will never be forgotten. We will miss you David Gest, but you shall always be remembered in our hearts and also for the footprints you left on our hearts. We will always remember you in our hearts forever David Gest.

Alex Smithson

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