A Note of Sincere Apology.

Dear all,

I am ever so sorry I haven’t been as productive this month, I’ve had a lot of personal things going on lately and haven’t had the energy to publish as many articles as I hoped. The past few weeks haven’t been easy for me and I haven’t been able to be as productive as much as I thought.

If I have not published as many articles this month, then this is the reason why. I do sincerely apologise if you haven’t seen many articles from me, I’ve got so much going on personal-based, but also a lot going on with my Final Major Project, which I’m ready to start wrapping up and finalising before the public show goes on at Croydon College from the 13th – 17th June.

Also, another reason behind this is because I’m under a lot of pressure regarding revision which I’ve got to do for my GCSE English Paper exams, so please forgive me if I haven’t been productive as first thought.

Again, from the bottom of my heart, I am ever so sorry I haven’t been as productive as I usually have been, but I will try to publish some articles as best as I can as things get back to normal.

Alex Smithson

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