Welcome to July!

Welcome to July on Mother Nature. As today kicks off a long Summer holiday for me and everyone else, I can’t wait to get back to publishing more frequently and I also can’t wait to go to so many places over the Summer holiday.

With the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic & Paralympic Games just around the corner, it’s safe to say that a lot of excitement is on the horizon, and even I am excited for this year’s Summer Olympic & Paralympic Games.

Despite two months of less productivity, I am pleased to say I will now return to publishing articles on a frequent basis now I have the huge bag of free time available. I will be making sure to keep on top of my publishing schedule as I want to make sure to keep to a frequent time frame that will help me to keep as active as possible whilst I am on holiday.

What else? Oh yes, the fourth book I mentioned to all of you about, which was titled: “Life from My Own Photographical Perspective” has been renamed: “Life From My Own Perspective“, as I have decided this time I don’t want it to be based around photography, rather it be around the topics I have already talked about over the course of this year, as well as other things that I have talked about on Mother Nature. I have only just had a chance to start working on the fourth book considering I haven’t been able to get around to doing it considering how much of a busy year I’ve had. Still, at least the good thing is I can get around to getting the book worked on now the huge bag of free time is available.

You can expect there will be a lot of information in this fourth book that will cover certain things, so I will be making sure none of you miss out, as I want to make sure this fourth book, like the other three, is worth reading 🙂 .

I will be making sure to get out more and to also get photos around certain places more so that I can expand on my photography skills a lot more.

Until then, Welcome to July!

Alex Smithson

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