Weekly Log 2 (Tuesday 12th January 2016 – Thursday 14th January 2016) – Stop-Frame Animation Project

After a long, overdue wait, here is the second Weekly Log from the Stop-Frame Animation Project that I did back in January for the second week back after the Christmas holiday ended.

Research / Context

During the course of the second week, I took a trip up to the Croydon Museum to study further on the stop-frame animation project, and I looked at certain photographers, such as Jack Nicholls and Gee Bernard, as they were known for creating certain works that were either iconic or controversial. I feel that the research I’ve gathered from my trip to the Croydon Museum has related to my own experiments, given that in the first week of the Stop-Frame Animation Project, I did some research on some adverts, much like the advert that IKEA did of the stop-frame animation running robot last year, which was called: “Come Home to Play”.

After I took a trip up to the Croydon Museum, during the rest of the week, I made sure to use the ideas and research that I had gathered from the museum to create a sock puppet by using a range of different materials that would piece my sock puppet together.

 After I looked at the IKEA Advert: “Come Home to Play”, I used that advert as inspiration for creating my own stop-frame animation character on paper. I also made sure to label the parts of the character so that I would know exactly which bit was which, so that it would make it easier for me to piece each part together.

Practical Tasks Done

To do this, I used the stop-frame animation process as an idea for the sock puppet, as I wanted to see how stop-frame animation would work when it came to the adverts I researched, and by watching the adverts that would go together with my research, I was able to piece together the sock puppet I did later on in the week.

What I thought was difficult was when I was trying to piece my sock puppet together, I did have trouble with trying to piece it together after stuffing the sock, because some pieces wouldn’t stay in place unless I used a pin to secure them in place, and sometimes, when it came to stitching, I did have initial troubles with trying to stitch the materials I used for the puppet together.

What worked well for me was I was able to use the ideas from my stop-frame animation drawing of the character I drew using the objects I collected from home to create my own character in a lifelike form, so that it puts more emphasis on how I want my character to appear, as to how I want it to act when the stop-frame animation film is being produced.

To improve it, I want to make sure that I can give my sock puppet character more of an emphasised form of body character, as I want to make sure that my sock puppet sticks out like a sore thumb. In other words, I mean that I want my character to really describe what it’s doing by the use of body movements, but in a flipbook style that turns into a stop-frame animation film.

Critical Analysis

In terms of the composition of my sock puppet, I wanted to make sure that the ideas I used to create my own character on paper to be turned into a lifelike character that was made from a sock.

My concept idea has some inspiration from the IKEA advert, but also the game, LittleBigPlanet, as the character that I got some of my inspiration from was the LittleBigPlanet character, Sackboy.

I feel that the research/contextual studies that I have can be applied to help me develop my experiments, as I feel that I have gathered the right amount of research at this stage to develop my own character, including the large range of ideas I’ve got from the Croydon Museum.

These will help me to apply my research/contextual studies to my own experimentations, and to create my own creative form of stop-frame animation for my own stop-frame animation film.

This brings the second Weekly Log for the Stop-Frame Animation Project to a close. Please make sure to check back soon for the third Weekly Log from the Stop-Frame Animation Project.

Alex Smithson

NOTE: I just realised the faux pas. I published the first Weekly Log for the Stop-Frame Animation Project a while back and published it again. I’m so sorry. I’ve just re-edited this again, but this time with Weekly Log 2. Again, I’m so sorry for the faux pas :-).

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