Weekly Log 6 (Tuesday 9th February 2016 – Thursday 11th February 2016) – Stop-Frame Animation Project

Bringing the Stop-Frame Animation Project Weekly Log collection to an end, here is the final Weekly Log from the Stop-Frame Animation Project, which reflects on what I did in the last week of the Stop-Frame Animation Project, as well as to what I did over the entirety of the Stop-Frame Animation Project.

Research / Context

Following the work that I did in the fifth week of the stop-frame animation project, I started writing up my proposal for this project, as well as to what I would do, including what kind of materials I would need, including how my sock puppet would be useful for the stop-frame animation film, given that I did some research on the Shaun the Sheep Movie, as well as doing some further research based on anthropomorphism and stop-frame animation.

I feel that the research I’ve done so far, including the development of my sock puppet, and the development of my storyboard will relate to my experiments, as I will be able to use these to create my own 30-second stop-frame animation film.

To develop my understanding, I did some extensive research on the Shaun the Sheep Movie and also anthropomorphism, as I wanted to find out how they were able to apply human-like features to the characters in the film, as well as how they created the mise-en-scene for certain parts in the film, including how they adjusted the lighting for different parts of the film as well.

Practical Tasks Done

As I want to be able to move on to doing my final stop-frame animation film, I wanted to storyboard my ideas first by planning out a map of my character, given that my sock puppet character is based on a teacher who is suffering from severe depression after receiving the sack from his job, which leaves him feeling like as if there is nowhere else for him to turn. As my puppet is anthropomorphic (as it has human-like features), I wanted to make sure I could use the puppet’s body movements as a way for me to brainstorm my ideas for my storyboard, so that when it comes to the real thing, I will be able to have a genuine idea as to how I want my 30-second film to turn out.

What I did initially find difficult was that I did become a little stuck with storyboarding, considering that I hadn’t done storyboarding for some time, so I did need to use my sock-puppet to brainstorm the ideas I wanted to put into drawing form.

What worked well for me, however, was I was able to use my knowledge of storyboarding, as well as the research I’ve gathered to create my storyboard, but also have some captions to go with my drawings, as this would help me create more emphasis by using those captions to draw more than one character. In this instance, my sock puppet character, and a different sock puppet character that any of the students in my class developed themselves. A different sock puppet character would also come in handy as this helped me to use my ideas to bring another character into the frame, but the kind of character that would be supportive of someone who is suffering from depression.

To improve, I want to be able to make sure to take certain bits out of my proposal that may not be relevant, and only keep in the relevant information and research, as well as the sock puppet character that I’ve developed, so that this can give me a better chance of being able to produce my final stop-frame animation film.

Critical Analysis

When it comes to composition, I wanted to make sure to adjust and get rid of certain parts of my sock puppet character that didn’t fit well with it, as well as how it could affect what I want to produce for my stop-frame animation film. In this instance, I had made sure to cut the knot I made around the sock puppet’s neck, as I felt that this restricted the sock puppet’s lack of head movements.

I have made sure to improve this by cutting the piece of thread that I tied into a knot off, so that I can give my sock puppet a chance to move its head up, down, left and right, as I’ve felt that this will gradually improve and speed up the animating process when it comes to producing my final stop-frame animation film. I have also done this as I wanted to make sure that I could use its body movements for some ideas that I could use for my storyboard.

I feel that my research/contextual studies that I have gathered over the course of the stop-frame animation project can be applied to help me develop my experiments, as I can use all of the research and ideas I’ve gathered to produce my final ideas before proceeding onto making my final stop-frame animation film.

This Stop-Frame Animation Project Log set has officially come to an end. Check back soon for the first Weekly Log from the Final Major Project that I did back in April.

Alex Smithson

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