Weekly Log 2 (Tuesday 19th April 2016 – Thursday 21st April 2016) – Final Major Project

Continuing on from the first Weekly Log, here is the second Weekly Log from the Final Major Project.

Research / Context

During the course of the second week, I had made sure to use the extensive research that I did in the first week to produce my first shoot of photographs. The photographers I did research on in the first week back were August Sander, Fazal Sheikh and Thomas Ruff.

The research presentation I did in the first week helped me to produce my first set of photographs, and I used one of the students for the concept I wanted to produce. Before I took 6-7 photographs of the chosen student, I did some test shots of the student first as I wanted to make sure to set the exposure correctly, that’s including the white balance and setting the aperture correctly, not to forget the mode I wanted to take the photos on, which was manual.

After I did the test shots, I produced my first set of photographs with influences to the three photographers I did extensive research on, and although a very small amount of photographs were slightly overexposed, I was able to resolve the problems with the overexposed photographs by using Adobe Photoshop CC.

Practical Tasks Done

As I wanted to make sure that my first shoot of photographs were of the correct standard, I did make sure to refer to my research presentation that I did on the chosen photographers during the first week, that’s including the photographs that the chosen photographers took.

I did initially find taking the photographs a bit difficult to start with, because considering the fact we had lovely sunny weather during the course of the second week, this did cause a slight teething problem, as taking the first set of photographs were a lot more complicated, given that the settings that were chosen were compromised by the camera’s ability to keep itself focused at the levels that the camera was already set at, due to the camera becoming exposed to too much light.

What did work well for me, however, was I was still able to produce a great set of photographs with the Canon EOS 1200D, and I did find that the student I chose for the first shoot was a good choice for taking photos, as he was able to map out the emotions for each photograph that I asked him to make and I was absolutely pleased with the overall result that I was able to get from my first shoot of photographs.

To improve, I want to make sure I can choose a better location to take some more photos, as this will help me to get the lighting just right, including setting the exposure and white balance, not to forget setting the aperture correctly before proceeding on to taking experimentation photographs.

Critical Analysis

For my critical analysis, I wanted to make sure that the research I gathered for my research presentation based on the three photographers I chose would relate to the first photographic experiment I did of 6-7 different emotions. The research presentation benefitted me as this helped me to produce my first shoot of photographs, and this, including my research presentation, will help me to develop a better range of ideas for what I can produce for the third week.

I do feel that I’ve applied my own understanding of the research I’ve gathered, including the photographs I have taken, as this will help me to expand my knowledge further, including developing my photographic experiments better as well. I am keen to improve and expand further with my photography skills and I am also keen on expanding my knowledge further now that I have a genuine concept in mind that I want to produce for my final piece in June.

This brings the second Weekly Log for the Final Major Project to a close. Please make sure to check back soon for the third Weekly Log from the Final Major Project.

Alex Smithson

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