Weekly Log 4 (Tuesday 3rd May 2016 – Thursday 5th May 2016) – Final Major Project

Continuing on from the third Weekly Log, here is the fourth Weekly Log from the Final Major Project.

Research / Context

During the course of the fourth week, I worked on my Progression Options 1 Report, which was based around apprenticeships and university choices and the kind of benefits that both of them have if you applied for an apprenticeship or applied for a place at a top university in the United Kingdom.

I also used the research I did from the first few weeks of the Final Major Project to do some more shoot photographs for my own form of Facial Expressionism, given that my Final Major Project is based around facial expressionism. I did make sure to choose different locations for shooting the photographs, as I didn’t want to focus on one location alone, but on a variety of different locations that were outside or away from Croydon College.

Based on the research I’ve gathered so far, I used the photo research and my chosen photographers presentation, including the shoot photographs I’ve already taken to go to different places around Croydon.

As I took photographs of my third chosen subject, this was useful as I was able to use the graffiti spot on the left hand side outside the end of the college to take some photos of her expressing different emotions, while the other spots I used to take photos of her was the car park, but on the first and second floor, including the outside of the front of Croydon College, where she would stand outside but in front of the wall. The other spot I did use as well to take some photos of my third chosen subject was the staircase that’s next to the graffiti art, which leads down to the car park.

Practical Tasks Done

As I wanted to make sure that my fourth shoot of photographs were of the standard of the photographs I produced of my first and second chosen subjects, I wanted to make sure that I could improve on setting the exposure of my photos correctly, including using the correct setting to take my photos. For example, the Canon EOS 1200D would usually be set to work with photographs on Tungsten Light, but instead, I had made sure to change that to the Sunlight setting, as I would be shooting my photographs outside, but away from the college.

At first, I did find taking these photographs of my third chosen subject were difficult considering I was outside and because of the lovely weather, I was worried that the photos I took would become compromised due to the direct sunlight, but I did make sure to take into full consideration that I would have to choose different locations that were better suited to the photographs I would take.

What did work well, however, was I was able to produce these photographs with the correct exposure, the correct light setting and also the correct aperture. Some of the photographs were of a wide aperture, which meant the camera would focus more on my third subject and not on what’s behind her, while the rest of the photographs were of a small aperture, where my third subject would be in focus, including what was behind her.

To improve, I will be making sure that I can set the exposure of my shoot photographs, including setting the F number and aperture correctly, not to forget setting the light setting to Sunlight and not Tungsten Light. This will be useful for me as I will be able to produce the next shoot of photographs better before I proceed onto creating my final piece.

Critical Analysis

For my critical analysis, I did make sure that I could use all of the research and photographs I’ve gathered so far to produce my fourth set of photographs, given that I previously took photos of my first and second subjects over the first few weeks of the Final Major Project. As I took my fourth set of photographs, this time of my third subject, I felt that my understanding of exposure, aperture, including the change in the light setting and white balance had helped me to dramatically improve my photographs better than before. The photo research presentation I did which focused on the three chosen photographers I chose to research, which were August Sander, Fazal Sheikh and Thomas Ruff, helped me as I was able to refer to their works and create my photographic shoots in a similar format, but where they would focus on my own form of facial expressionism, given the concept I want to produce in my work.

I feel that I have applied my own understanding better to the current shoot of photographs I did of my third chosen subject, as I noticed an improvement in the photographs I took of her compared to the previous set of photographs I took before and I also feel that the research I’ve gathered based on the chosen photographer’s works, including the research presentation I did based on the chosen photographers have helped me to produce my photographs a lot better than before. The concept I have in mind is developing well and is the genuine concept I will want to produce for my final piece in June.

This brings the fourth Weekly Log for the Final Major Project to a close. Please make sure to check back soon for the fifth Weekly Log from the Final Major Project.

Alex Smithson

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