Welcome to an All-New Look for Mother Nature! Karuna is Here!

Welcome to the all-new look for Mother Nature! Karuna is here. Motif is gone!

It’s been a long time coming, but I have finally done away with the Motif theme altogether for the Karuna WordPress theme, which is a professional theme that caught my eye.

Having the Motif theme has served me very well over the past two years, given that I have been able to keep a productive look for Mother Nature, but this time, I felt it was right to give this website a much-needed facelift.

As you can now see, the theme is officially live and Motif is gone. I absolutely love the new Karuna theme, and considering the fact WordPress only released this theme for free just a few days ago means that this finally gave me the chance to make Mother Nature breathe a new lease of life, pumped with all-new energy that will make this website more professional and better than ever.

As well as the theme change, I have also made some changes to the menus, and I have also changed the look of the bottom of the page, which means you will still continue to see the Akismet Spam Prevention Widget, including the Social Widget. I have made changes to the arrangements of the menus as I wanted to tidy up the website so that things are easier to get around, which means you’ll now see the Home Menu as the third menu out of the six, considering that the other menus have been placed in Directories and Famous Icons as drop-down menus. The Famous Icons Menu is now the first of the six menus, as I wanted to make sure that some of the menu buttons, even if they slightly go off of the page, are easy to access.

The Famous Icons Menu is now the first of the six menus, as I wanted to make sure that some of the menu buttons, even if they slightly go off of the page, are easier to access.

For the first time, I can now make changes to the header image of this website, and the first header image I have used for this website is the black and white version of one of the colour photos I took and used as the main photo for the article: “The Natural Roots of June“.

Also for the first time, any article you click on will now take centre stage, because when you click on the name of the chosen article, the featured image will fit to the size of your Laptop/PC screen’s resolution, with the article information being placed firmly below the feature image.

I love the Karuna theme, as it’s professional and is also an opportunistic theme for any keen photographers like myself who aim to have a career in photography. The Karuna theme is also the perfect theme for making sure your voice gets heard loud and clear.

If you love the all-new look of Mother Nature now the Karuna theme has gone live on this website, please feel free to let me know by submitting feedback below. All feedback is much appreciated.

Alex Smithson

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