Does Everyone’s Lives Really Matter Regardless of Who We Are?

It is painfully distressing when we all hear the news about a certain event or events that are always talked about around the world. Just recently, and even now, the news of the shootings in Minnesota, Dallas & Louisiana have caused a mass fruition which has sparked protests in America, as well as in other places around the world.

In the last few days, there were protests being held in London in light of the shootings in Minnesota, Dallas & Louisiana, as well as the horrific killings of Alton Sterling, Philando Castille, including at least five police officers, including 9 other people being injured and also most recently, a Black Lives Matter protest, which was held up in London, resulted in a man being punched in the face.

All lives matter, regardless of skin colour, race, gender, sexuality, religion and background and if there is more bad blood in this world, then life is just not worth living.

Since these events occurred, every news source around the world reported this news, as well as photos surrounding the web of some people either being attacked or being arrested for possible violence in light of the attacks.

There’s been a lot of controversy, even a lot of backlash and criticism and even now, it’s still a touchy subject.

Black lives matter, white lives matter, but most of all, all lives matter regardless of anyone’s skin colour, as well as who we are. If there was no hate, no crimes and no violence in this world, the world would be a better place.

It kills me to see that the world is, at this moment, a bad place, and there is so much violence going on in this world. My thoughts, my heart, condolences and full respects go out to all those affected by these shootings at such a sad time. You will always remain in mine and everyone’s hearts forever. All lives matter, regardless of skin colour, race, gender, sexuality, religion and background and we all deserve to be treated equally and be treated with respect.

To all of you reading this, I can only apologise if any of you reading this article get offended. It is not my intention at all, I just wanted to give you all the outlook I have based on the world at the moment.

If you think black lives matter, including white lives and all lives matter, then please let me know by submitting feedback below. All feedback is much appreciated.

Alex Smithson

Below are some links regarding the shootings in Minnesota, Louisiana and Dallas if you want to find out more:


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