Looking at Life Through a Lens: What Makes Each Photo Tell a Story?

We all love the idea of taking photos no matter where we are, but what makes each photo tell a story? I’ll tell you.

A photo tells a story based on what you may have done in a certain place at a certain time, but sometimes, the photos you take may have a completely different story behind them based on how that photo was taken, where the photo was taken, as well as the scene that is set for that particular photo.

For example, if you remember the photo of the Canada Goose that I took back in July 2013, in which the Canada Goose was positioned directly in the middle, it’s like the Canada Goose has spotted me and is coming towards me at a certain speed, or it’s coming closer and closer to me expecting food, but really, it’s not.

When I took that photo, which, at the time, was taken with the Samsung ST200F Camera before I upgraded to the Nikon D3300 DSLR in September 2014, I was actually in a rush when I was in Kelsey Park whilst taking the photo, and even to this day, it is one of my most iconic photographs, as it was the type of photo I still haven’t, to this day, seen being recreated by other photographers, whether they’re amateur or professional or not.

For me, I like to make sure each photo I take, whether it’s part of a large photo collection or not, tells a story, as I want that photo to describe not just what I want you to see, but how I want you to see it.

I love photography and I’m always fascinated with how a certain photo is taken, because I like to know how I can produce my own photos to that similar standard.

For example, the shutter speed of the photo, the ISO (International Standards Organisation), the exposure of the photo, the exposure program that the photo was taken with (e.g. Shutter Priority or Aperture Priority), including the focal length of that particular photo that was taken.

I aim to make sure any photos I do or don’t like are kept separate from each other, so at least that way I know which photos I will upload and which photos I won’t upload, so that it gives me a better chance of balancing any article I publish.

Overall, I love photography, and if you do as well, please let me know by submitting feedback below. All feedback is much appreciated.

Alex Smithson

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