Life after Mother Nature.

What would life be like for me without a computer?

It would be quite a tough challenge for me, as it would mean I would have to go the extra mile and work harder, even if it means I have to rely on my iPhone, including having to take notes quicker than before, as well as having to complete any work that requires a computer on a notepad or on my iPhone, or possibly on my iPad mini.

Of course, there would come times when I wouldn’t be able to rely on technology, but instead rely on the use of a notepad, a pen, a pencil and all the usual stationery pieces of equipment, but at the same time, I would need to use any resources that wouldn’t involve technology at all to get through each day, meaning I would have to take each day as it comes and face the music.

Life after Mother Nature would be hard for me, because it would mean that I would have to focus on something that would be able to keep me occupied for long periods of time.

It would also mean I would have to make sacrifices for a few weeks whilst working on something in order to get somewhere, as I would have to, in other words, make choices that could ultimately define whether I have a good future or not, even if things become difficult along the way.

Overall, life after Mother Nature without a computer would be difficult for me, because using a computer, as well as writing articles for Mother Nature would always keep me productive.

Without a computer altogether, I would have to work extra hard to keep myself as productive as possible like I would if I did or didn’t have a computer to use.

What would life be like for you after your blog/website without a computer?

Please feel free to submit feedback below.

All feedback is much appreciated.

Alex Smithson

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