How Has Political Correctness Affected Modern Society?

Political correctness has affected the way almost all societies are nowadays. For instance, there is a lot of discrimination in this world and a lack of equality, and certain words that you could say before that weren’t racist, sexist and misogynistic are now considered to be racist, sexist and misogynistic.

For example, you could say to a woman: “I like that dress you’re wearing, it really suits you” in an entirely honest, polite, appropriate and respectful manner, and it would be considered misogynistic or sexist depending on how that person reacts to it.

I hate the fact that political correctness has affected us all as people, because it’s like the words we could say before that were entirely appropriate, polite and respectful are not being allowed to be said anymore.

I also hate the fact that political correctness has affected the world and the way we communicate and interact with others, because it’s like the freedom of speech you are granted is somehow taken away from you from that certain aspect of the freedom of being able to speak, even if what you say is entirely appropriate.

Whenever I talk about a certain subject, I like to approach it carefully and be as honest as possible without offending anyone, because I worry that anything I may say that is entirely honest and polite could be seen from anyone else’s perspective as being offensive.

I always like to make sure that whatever I talk about I approach very carefully and I also like to make sure that what I say is entirely appropriate, respectful and polite, so that I can get any points across about a certain topic or subject without that particular subject or topic being rude.

Political correctness has indeed affected modern society, because it’s like the type of words you could say before that were appropriate you can no longer say due to political correctness.

Political correctness has gone mad and it’s like some of the appropriate words we could say before are no longer allowed to be said, so to some extent, even if we have our full rights to a freedom of speech, we’re in effect losing certain rights to a freedom of speech because we can no longer say certain words that were allowed to be said before but not allowed to be said now.

Overall, it’s pretty sad to see the way things have gone over the years, and it’s also pretty sad to see that political correctness has taken over all of our lives and prevented us from saying certain things that we could say before that we can no longer say now.

Do you think Political Correctness has affected Modern Society? Please let me know by submitting feedback below.

All feedback is much appreciated.

Alex Smithson

One comment

  1. Political correctness has indeed gone completely bonkers. We live by it, We swear by it. We breathe it in and out.

    And, none of us really can agree on the correct version.

    Is my truth the same as yours?


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