Mother Nature: Why Did I Start Up This Website?

I started this website up because I wanted to be able to do something that I could set my mind to, something that would keep me occupied, but most of all, something that I would be able to build my skills on and develop further on as well.

Starting this website up gave me the chance to come up with all-new ideas, all-inclusive and exquisite ideas that would help me to develop and even improve on certain things I wasn’t so good at before.

I always aim to try something new almost every day, and although I may feel at times that Mother Nature has gone I’m a different direction than I had planned, I’m pleased I can still work and develop on what I love the most, photography, whilst working on other core areas that aren’t necessarily connected to photography, including core areas where photography is not involved at all and vice versa.

I made sure to start this website up and to keep working at writing and publishing articles as I wanted to make sure that I could keep as active as possible at what I do, as well as what I do when I’m not writing articles.

Setting up this website gave me the chance to be creative with my ideas, and I made this website my sole purpose to work hard and to make sure that I could pursue my career as a photographer.

It’s hard work setting up a website and making it into something you want to make it into but it’s absolutely worth it. If you keep working hard on your blog or website and you keep to a daily publishing schedule, you’ll find that your blog or website will pick up and people will start to notice you.

It takes a lot of time to get everyone to view your blog or website, but it’s all about standing the test of time and making the effort to keep your blog or website looking relevant and also with fresh new content.

If you want an article or a hobby that you like or love, or even hate to peak someone’s interest, you’ve got to make sure it’s something that will get people talking.

When I published the photo article: “A Bright & Breezy Spring!” sometime last year, I wanted it to peak everyone’s interests and sure enough, it was actually good that it got people talking, as I ended up with over 80 people liking the article as a result, which was an achievement for me, as it was a set based primarily and secondarily on my own photography skills at that time.

I always aim to make sure to create an article that will get everyone talking, but at the same time, I aim to make sure that the article I publish is something that can not only get everyone talking but also give people the chance to look at the points I may have covered in that article, as well as the article’s sole purpose for viewing.

Overall, I love writing and publishing articles, as I can keep myself motivated at what I do and can also keep myself as productive as possible.

I will and shall aim to pursue my dream career in professional photography and also possibly in filmography.

What made you want to start-up your blog or website? Please let me know by submitting feedback below. All feedback is much appreciated.

Alex Smithson

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