Do Writing Prompts Help to Exercise the Brain?

We’ve all been there. We’ve had the occasional writers’ block that makes us somehow lose track through an idea that could be perfect and useful for a particular subject or conversation, but does the idea and usefulness of writing prompts help to exercise the brain? I believe so and I’ll tell you why.

Writing prompts are useful because they can help you to exercise the brain into staying active, as this is useful for you if you’re the kind of person who loves coming up with bundles of ideas, something of which I usually do, but then putting them to paper or to a creative piece that requires the use of a Laptop/PC.

Writing prompts also help to keep you active in certain ways. For instance, I like writing and publishing articles for Mother Nature, as this not only helps me to stay in the know and not only helps me to keep myself active whilst getting new content out for Mother Nature, but it also helps me come up with all-new ideas for when I’m not writing and publishing articles.

For example, when I’m at college, I can always come up with brand new ideas, including recycling past ideas that may have not worked at the time that will work now and even in the future.

This is because as I regularly keep myself occupied with writing and publishing articles for Mother Nature, this keeps me in the loop and also keeps me active for when I need to work on something that is college-based or not, and especially on something that is either related to Mother Nature or not.

Overall, I personally believe that writing prompts do help to exercise the brain, as this can be useful for if you are someone who likes to do something on a regular basis, something of which I always do, and that is working hard whilst writing and publishing articles for Mother Nature.

Do you think that Writing Prompts help to exercise the brain? Please let me know by submitting feedback below. All feedback is much appreciated.

Alex Smithson


  1. When I am in the mood to write, I find writing prompts most useful. I used to end as many as I could find. Right now I don’t really care. Writing is not often done like it was. I look at the prompts and my mind blanks out.


  2. Well I see that 4 people “liked” this but none offered advice. First…what’s your definition of a “writing prompt?” As someone who’s never experienced writers’ block I take time to mull over the theme of the article I want to write. As a culture & culinary travel writer I go through my photos – I only publish original photos – and that visually helps me organize my ideas. Then I think. Finally I come up with my opening sentence that synthesizes my theme for the article. Of course I’m neither a blogger nor a “social influencer,” so I spend a total of 3 days from concept to final draft. So re: prompts: photos and reflection.


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