Welcome to August!

Welcome to August on Mother Nature!

It’s hard to believe that July came and went so quick, in fact, the time has flown so fast this year that it’s nearly as impossible to keep up with the speed of time. As this month is set to be another productive month, I am pleased to say that I will be announcing details of Book #4 very soon, so that is something that I am sure will put a spring of happiness in your step.

Also, as the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games are kicking off on Friday 5th August, I will be considering publishing coverage articles based on the days events, but after each day has ended, so at least that way, there is more of a chance of me being able to compile together the events of each day into separate articles, including the latest medal table listings.

I will also be making sure to finish up work on the book as soon as I can, as I know I won’t be able to publish it come September, so there is a possibility it could be released this month. But as I’ve said, I’ll announce the news of this book very soon, so stay tuned! I can promise you it’s going to be of your interest :-).

What else will be happening? Oh yes, I’ll be making sure to make some small changes to some of the pages and/or menus, as some of the menus may need to be removed and some of the pages are long overdue an update, so hopefully, I’ll be making sure that happens, so that I can keep Mother Nature as relevant as possible.

As for the weather, I am considering going out to places over the rest of the Summer holiday, but as long as there is nice weather rather than bad weather.

Until then, Welcome to August!

Alex Smithson

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