Small Changes Make a Big Difference.

As promised, I have been making some gradual changes here and there, which you may have noticed. For instance, the font, PT Sans, has now been changed to the Karla font, to accommodate for better reading and viewing, but also, the “About this Blog” Page which is about Mother Nature has been renamed to “About Mother Nature” and has been changed as I want Mother Nature to now be a website, and not a blog. The photos I took in the Summer of 2013 which are on this page are unchanged, but with the descriptions for the Speckled-Wood Butterfly, the White Cabbage Butterfly and the Propylea Quattuordecimpunctata Yellow Ladybird being slightly altered to make for better reading.

The “About Me” page has been renamed to “About Alex Smithson” and the contents of this page have changed on some or most parts to also accommodate for better reading, so now, both pages have been completely reworked.

The sidebar has been tidied up a bit, as I’ve been making sure to do some housekeeping, to keep Mother Nature looking tidy and presentable.

I have also made some minor changes and some small additions to the Purpose page, which needed to be updated after a long while, but I’m pleased to say that these small changes make a big difference and make Mother Nature modern.

These small changes make a big difference to Mother Nature as I have made sure that Mother Nature is a website, and not a blog, even if any past articles I’ve published suggest otherwise.

If you like the much-needed changes, please feel free to let me know by submitting feedback below. All feedback is much appreciated.

Alex Smithson.


  1. I am curious Alex. What makes this a website as opposed to a blog? It looks like a blog setup to me. You changed things and it is nicer looking I think, but it is still a blog layout. Just curious.


    1. Initially Mother Nature was a blog, but because of the fact I have seen so many websites that use a similar layout, I wanted to turn Mother Nature into a website, considering I continuously update Mother Nature with new content nearly every day up to at least a few weeks. I really appreciate your feedback Tessa, I can see why you said it has the blog layout because of how organised Mother Nature is.

      I just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year for 2017 and may this year be a wonderful year for you and also a special one too.

      Alex Smithson

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