Do You Think Drones Should Be Used in the Public Domain? I Don’t Think So!

Recently, I watched the feature-length 30th Anniversary Episode of BBC’s Casualty, and as you saw, Connie Beauchamp and Grace Beauchamp were horrifically injured after their car toppled off the edge of a cliff as a result of a dangerous driver.

The reason that drones have come to the surface is because almost an hour into the feature-length episode of Casualty, a boy receives a birthday present from his father, who the mother takes an instant dislike to after she discovers that a birthday gift has been left on her doorstep. This birthday gift later turns out to be a drone, which can be controlled by the use of a controller that allows it to fly to a certain height.

In the face of reality, drones, as you know, are commonly used in the public domain and there have been near misses and fatal accidents as a result, and there’s always been advice that’s been given that you are not allowed to fly your drone to a certain height where it is in restricted airspace, the same of which applies to flying the drone near ground level in front of incoming traffic.

In the episode, the boy operates the drone with the controller, to which at a certain stage following Connie & Grace’s horrific car accident that the drone clips the smaller wings of the helicopter carrying Connie’s daughter, which, in effect, plummets near enough into the hospital, which saw a mass bloodbath take place, with someone even losing the functionality of their foot as a result. This also meant the pilot controlling the helicopter died instantly as a result of the drone clipping the smaller wings of the helicopter.

After the horrific bloodbath occurs as a result of the drone clipping the helicopter, which had also caused parts of the hospital to cave in on itself, with one of the large helicopter wings narrowly just missing Caleb, the boy wonders what has happened after he discovers that the drone his father left on his doorstep isn’t responding to the controller, and then he heads to the hospital, to which he is greeted with the mass bloodbath that the drone caused for everyone else as a result. After he sees the devastation the drone has caused, the new doctor who made her début in the 30th Anniversary episode, who was also found to have been extremely rude to the staff on her first day, spots the boy and sees him panicking, to which she does everything she can to help.

The boy then admits in the heat of the moment that he was the one who operated the drone, which he didn’t know clipped the smaller wings of the helicopter until it was too late. To much of Jacob’s dismay and heartbreak, it becomes clear he wants to subject the boy to a great deal of pain, the same type of pain that Connie & Grace are in, but it’s later realised that it was an accident after the boy reveals he didn’t know it would cause that extent of damage, and he even said himself it was an accident and that he never meant to cause any harm.

Jacob is left broken-hearted after seeing Connie & Grace at their worst as a result of the horrific cliff accident, including Grace’s horrific second accident that occurred as a result of the helicopter that was clipped by the drone, but things turned from bad to worse for Grace, as she suddenly started to fit as a result of asphyxiation while she was in the MRI unit. This, of course, has left Connie herself just as heartbroken as Jacob, as her daughter is in between life and death.

In Holby City, the aftermath of the devastating helicopter crash continued with more drama unfolding, as a patient who was known to have suffered from mental health problems and depression had been found to have been drawing with a pen.

The same patient who suffered from mental health problems and depression then went on to try and attack the patient that knocked Connie & Grace Beauchamp off the cliff, but instead stabbed Alex Walkinshaw‘s character, Adrian Fletcher. As Adrian almost lost his life as a result of the patient stabbing him in the heart, this meant he would be facing difficult hurdles he would eventually overcome. Luckily, as time has passed since the fallout and since Adrian was stabbed, Connie is on the mend, with her daughter Grace only just waking up following the horrific helicopter crash, and Adrian is on the mend as he underwent physio to regain mobility of both of his legs, giving him the ability to walk again following a near-death experience after the stabbing.

But back to the subject, I believe that drones should never be used in the public domain as they pose serious health and safety risks no matter where you are. The dangers of drones and this is where some warnings are ignored:

  • You should never fly a drone within restricted airspace
  • You should never fly a drone near ground level where there’s traffic involved
  • You should never fly a drone unless you have been granted the permission to do so under health and safety regulations
  • You should never fly a drone unless the drone in question is registered for both commercial and civilian use
  • You should never fly a drone around restricted areas where photography and film are restricted.

Drones have been known to have near misses with aircrafts, but with an honest opinion considering I have never owned a drone, nor do I ever dream of owning one, drones should never be used at all in the public domain. They should only be used for governmental use, where they don’t pose a risk to life, though health and safety measures, especially in restricted airspaces should be taken into full consideration. Drones are, in the public domain, legal to use with restrictions in place, but I personally feel they should never be used in the public domain and that they should only be used for governmental use.

Do you own / don’t own a drone? Do you think drones should be / shouldn’t be allowed for use in the public domain? Please let me know by commenting below. All feedback is much appreciated.

Alex Smithson

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