Photo Moment: BOXPARK / Sunday 7th May 2017

As today marked the end of such a fantastic weekend, considering I went out and partied last night at my friend’s house, I ceased the opportunity to photograph BOXPARK before I headed home after staying at my friend’s house for the night.

I absolutely enjoyed myself at my friend’s party last night and I feel so much better now because I needed to go out and have a good time as a way of de-stressing from all of the revision for my GCSE English Exam, which I am pleased to say I absolutely nailed on the head as all questions were answered, so all I can hope for is that I pass GCSE English this time, whilst looking around for jobs in the meantime.

The weather was absolutely lovely today and today marked the end of such a fantastic weekend. All I will be doing over the next few weeks now is revising as much as I can on GCSE Maths, whilst getting my Final Major Project work done and finalised before I submit all of my coursework for the Summative Assessment which takes place in a couple of weeks from now.

Below is the photograph of BOXPARK I produced earlier this afternoon before I headed home.

How was your weekend? I would love to hear your response.

Alex Smithson

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