Welcome to May!

Welcome to May! What a great start to the month! After a week of showers, the sunny weather came back just in time for the first day of May.

Over the course of the next few weeks, things will be so much busier than usual as I’ll be working and completing work-related documents, which means that I won’t be able to use some of the free time to publish articles, but will be making sure that full priority comes first where my job comes in, but if there is a little bit of free time available, then I will try and publish as and when I can.

Hopefully, we will get more of this lovely sunny and warm weather over the coming weeks, but if you’re a hayfever suffer, like me, you’ll be cautious of the pollen count as we approach Summer, so it’s safe to say we all need to prepare ourselves for when it gets warmer and eventually humid, as hayfever season is here, but we shan’t take hayfever season lying down.

Also, beware of pesky insects and use a bug zapper to get rid of any crane-flies and wasps if you have one because they are the worst insects. Crane-flies make my skin crawl, which is why I kill them with a bug zapper, but wasps are definitely the worst, though a can of fly and wasp killer or a bug zapper usually does the trick. Be on your guard for huge spiders because the daddy-long-legged spiders are enough to make your skin crawl, especially in warm weather.

Until then, Welcome to May!

Alex Smithson