The Lightning’s So Electrifying on This Gloomy Day!

The lightning was so electrifying on this gloomy Spring day that it almost knocked my internet out.

It was sunny but gloomy and it did try to rain, but I didn’t chance it today but instead walked to the bus stop to catch my usual bus to work as I usually take two buses, though one of the two buses was unavailable due to road-works subjecting buses and other vehicles on diversion, but it was good to do a bit of exercise on the way to work as it kept me going all through to the end of my shift today.

This photo moment I produced on the way home from work defined how much of a close shave it was for me almost losing my internet connection today as a result of the sudden bolt of lightning.

What was the weather like for you? Was the lightning electrifying where you are?

Please tell me. I would love to hear your responses.

Alex Smithson

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